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Women's suit, i.e. styling inspired by and derived from its male counterpart, is becoming an increasingly popular outfit for a variety of occasions. Women's suit is certainly a styling dedicated to self-confident women, brave and independent. Properly selected, it can bring out what is most beautiful in a woman's silhouette.


Exclusive women's formal suit made of combined materials. De Marco online store
Lucia women's suit 3 500.00 zł
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Classic plain women's suit from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
Dahlia women's suit 4 570.00 zł

Where to buy a women's suit? Wearing trousers for a wedding.

Wedding fashion is not only - as it is commonly assumed - elegant evening dresses and formal dresses. Sets based on elegant women's trousers, matched to our figure type and height, are also becoming more and more popular.
Trousers which make up a perfect outfit for a wedding are, above all, those with a classic cut, with two pleats, which optically slim and lengthen the leg. An original and eye-catching outfit will be the one 'based' on unconventional trousers, such as the seamed or palazzo. This model beautifully emphasizes the waist, with wide legs, imitating a maxi skirt, preferably made of high-quality, flowing material. Classy and comfortable. If we want to emphasize the youth and freshness of our style, we can also 'bet' on high-waisted trousers or cigarette trousers, complemented with a lace or airy top, made of elegant material. Remember that wedding stylizations with trousers are sets, where we should pay attention to the quality of individual elements and accessories. Choose fabrics which are breathable, optically light, but appropriate for the occasion. Trousers will be a great 'base' for bolder blouses with an original cut or colour.
Let's not forget about original women's suits, in which we will look elegant and extremely refined.


Exclusive women's suit.

It is worth remembering that a women's suit is not only a set of jacket and trousers in the total look version (i.e. made of material of the same texture, possibly pattern and colour), but also a skilful combination of two seemingly different elements.
In the casual or dress code smart version, we choose suits in calmer shades, complemented with bolder accessories, such as colourful pumps or an original handbag. You can also opt for a suit with different elements - top and bottom of the set. A suit styled in smart casual way is perfect for informal meetings and everyday life. When it comes to formal events and appearances, it is worth choosing unique styles, which comply with the current business dress code. This will certainly be the case with single-colour suits, which are particularly elegant and chic. The predominant colours should be black, navy blue, ash (or possibly grey), which are considered to be professional and appropriate. Also for private, important family events, which are not limited by demanding dress code rules, women's suits in total look great, but distinguished by bold, unusual colours, e.g. a suit in bold red.  Such styling will make you stand out from the crowd, give you energy and self-confidence.


Luxurious evening suits.

The most fashionable style of 2021. Although the most popular outfit for evening parties and celebrations is still the evening dress, more and more women want to break the pattern by choosing luxury evening suits for these occasions. An outfit consisting of a woman's suit is a choice that makes us emphasize our feminine nature, full of mystery and elegance, as well as our professionalism and competence, which used to be associated mainly with the male element.
The ladies' evening suit is the perfect alternative for women seeking a breath of fresh air and a new approach to classic, feminine elegance. Yves Saint Laurent proved this with his famous La Smoking project - consisting of a perfectly tailored and delightfully feminine jacket and tailored trousers. To emphasize the feminine element - the designer complemented them with a shirt with a fancy jabot. When choosing an elegant women's evening suit, it is worth to choose an original cut, distinguished by interesting colour, texture, pattern or original details.
Remember about interesting accessories that complement the suit. In this way, we will surely look elegant and original, attracting glances of both men and women.


Trouser suit for a civil wedding.

When deciding on the outfit for a civil wedding ceremony, it is worth considering the possibility of styling based on a trouser suit, i.e. a feminine set consisting of a jacket and long trousers.
Women's wedding suits beat records in popularity, both among guests and the bride herself. Such styling combines confidence, boldness, elegance and eye-catching femininity. At the same time providing comfort and convenience.
The bridal trousseau most often refers in its colours to the traditional wedding dress, through the use of light colours - white and its shades, beige, subtle silver or grey or gold.
For civil wedding and reception guests, the colour scheme varies from soft pastels to juicy and energetic colours of nature, such as green, blue or red. Women's suits are also a great option for Wedding Moms who want to present themselves with class, elegance and taste on that day. Especially recommended are mature colours, e.g. gold - a synonym of royal dignity, wealth and position, but also happiness. The combination of a jacket with appropriately selected trousers can beautifully emphasize the values of the silhouette, at the same time slimming it and covering excesses, e.g. in the stomach area. Wedding women's trouser suits are certainly an unusual and original choice, which will make no guest pass us by indifferently. 

Elegant business suit for women.

Professional women's clothing for women of business and diplomacy. An elegant, classic women's suit is the perfect solution and a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe. Styles based on women's suits are solutions distinguished by invariable elegance and timelessness. It perfectly fits in with the idea of the so-called capsule wardrobe and limiting consumerism, in favour of products distinguished by their high quality.
The combination of a feminine jacket and figure-hugging trousers can be a great base for a variety of outfits. Depending on the time of day, type of activity and professional duties, i.e. the applicable rules of the dress code - we can change the face of our basic business outfit with the help of accessories.
A women's suit is also ideal because of the comfort and convenience it brings, so important in the everyday life of a professional woman. Women's suits are a type of dress from the so-called power dressing, which is an outfit designed to emphasize our professional position and professionalism. It is therefore definitely a style for determined, confident and strong women. This impression can be further emphasized by skilfully selected accessories and details of our sets.


Ladies' suit for the mother of the wedding

Although the most popular choice for a Mother of the Wedding is a traditional cocktail dress, styling based on a women's suit is more and more boldly 'entering' the salons. Although for many it is not an obvious choice, a woman's suit offers the chance to create a unique outfit, combining what are traditionally considered to be masculine traits - determination, confidence, courage - with elements linked to a woman's nature - ethereality, delicacy and beauty.
De Marco understands perfectly well that a woman is a multidimensional being. That is why the suits we design for women reflect the complexity of the fair sex. Our suits for women are creations full of passion, elegance and character. Exactly like our female customers!