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Outfit stylizations for a civil wedding ceremony should be distinguished by beauty and elegance, while reflecting the seriousness and importance of the moment. We know that a truly captivating look comes from within a woman who feels confident and comfortable. Therefore, at the De Marco Atelier, we offer both dresses referring to traditional wedding dresses, as well as delightful skirt suits and women's trouser suits. All this so that every woman finds a stylization that suits her needs and temperament.

The inspiration for clothes we design is based upon a deep understanding of women's desires and admiration for female nature.

Exclusive wedding brooch in ecru shades of white. De Marco online store
Ecru wedding brooch 350.00 zł
An elegant suit perfect for a wedding for the bride. De Marco online store 38
Trini II elegant women's suit 1 300.00 zł
2 520.00 zł
Exclusive skirt on the belt with a handmade floral composition. De Marco online store 38
Luxurious wedding fascinator for the bride. De Marco online store
Fascinator FS 2 150.00 zł

Dresses for a courthouse wedding for a 40-year-old woman

It is becoming more and more common to stand on the "wedding carpet" of middle-aged women who have already achieved an appropriate professional position and a satisfying financial situation. It is worth remembering, however, that although the dress code in the case of a civil wedding of ladies around 40 is not so restrictive, there are still some customs that are not intended to restrict us, but to assist in choosing the right outfit.

For a middle-aged wedding, we recommend beautiful, classic and stylish dresses, especially cocktail dresses. It is worth making sure that the wedding outfit stylisation attracts the attention of the arrivals with its subtle female beauty rather than rich, ball decorations. On this special day, the dress is to be a perfect, elegant background for our natural beauty, self-confidence and happiness that emanates from us - that is why we recommend dresses in shades that have proven themselves for years as a kind of canvas for female beauty - in traditional white, shades of cream or delicate gold. The dresses we offer are, above all, designs distinguished by an elegant line and timelessness, hence the dominant dresses in lengths up to the knee, in the Audrey Hepburn style - over the knee or mid-calf. For the dress' designs that show off the shoulders more boldly we offer a delicate outer garment in the form of beautifully tailored jackets or coats.

Elegant wedding skirt suits

An elegant suit, i.e. a combination of a perfectly matched skirt and a beautifully cut and fitted jacket, is an excellent proposition for women who want to present themselves at a wedding or reception, in an elegant and timeless outfit.

The suits we offer are clothes full of feminine charm and delicacy, at the same time allowing you to emphasize your character and originality. Both ladies attached to tradition and classics, as well as women who want to stand out from the crowd - they will find delightful proposals in our fashion collections. We offer both calmer and more dignified shades of white, beige, gold or silver, as well as more eye-catching colours - pastels, reds and navy blue.

Our fashion stylisations allow you to stand out above all with an interesting approach to the classics, beautiful lines and extraordinary details.

An exclusive women's suit for a civil wedding

An interesting alternative to a dress for a civil wedding is certainly an exclusive women's trouser suit. A well-chosen colour and tailored set consisting of trousers and a jacket will guarantee us not only perfect presence and comfort, but will also attract glances full of admiration. The women's suits we offer in the colours traditionally associated with wedding ceremonies - white, ivory, cream or gold, but also delicate pastel shades - will make the outfit to be successfully used at other ceremonies (as a set or base elements, complementing for accessories suitable for the occasion). The elegant, yet bold line of our suits perfectly shapes the body, optically lengthening the neck and slimming the waist. Women's suits for a civil wedding are the choice of a brave and confident woman, aware of her charm and beauty. The sets of beautifully tailored women's suit trousers and a jacket / blazer we offer are definitely one of the hottest trends of recent seasons, so it will be the perfect choice for both women who love the classics and women who follow fashion trends.


A white women's suit for a civil wedding for a 50-year-old woman

Mature women getting married are ladies who know themselves perfectly, the advantages of their figure and beauty. They are ladies full of mature charm and attractive self-confidence, resulting from past experiences. It is therefore all the more important that the outfit for a civil wedding for ladies 50+ is distinguished by class, elegance and style. The perfect choice for this extraordinary occasion is certainly a beautiful, ultra-feminine suit that emphasizes the charm and magnetic awareness of yourself in a unique way. The greater life experience of the future wife does not exclude traditional white to be worn on the wedding day. Our offer includes a number of its shades, from pure, snow white, to shades of ivory or cream. All this to find a ladies’ court wedding stylisation perfect for every skin colour type. The artfully designed and tailored suits from our collection will make every mature woman who stands on the "wedding carpet" feel special!