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Romantic blue two-piece formal trousers. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Orchid modern women's suits

4 930.00 zł

Elegant women's suit with pleated trousers. The most fashionable blue styles for weddings, communions, baptisms 2024

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Femininity is freedom and courage to be yourself. Strong and determined, yet fragile and delicate. Why should you adapt to circumstances when you can be your full self? Our luxurious women's suit will help you express your unique feminine power, where professionalism and romanticism combine into a harmonious whole. Let us be your ally in creating a unique, strong and at the same time subtle vision of yourself.

The power of femininity is the ability to combine apparent contradictions into a perfect whole. This is also the case with our elegant women's De Marco Orchidea suit. The blue Orchidea formal trouser is a perfect choice for celebrations and important events, both professional and private. Thanks to its modern line full of artistic passion, it will be perfect for First Communion, baptism, wedding, but also charity concert, City Day celebration or ceremonial inauguration in the spring and summer. Our exclusive De Marco Orchidea two-piece trouser is also a great way to look elegant at a business meeting - lunch, banquet or early dinner.
What makes our Orchidea women's suits unique? First of all, the cut, which is a perfect combination of an official and extremely elegant suit - a symbol of business and diplomatic attire, with the sensual lightness of chiffon trousers with a tempting, casual cut full of sophistication. The top of the Orchidea women's suit set has been designed to skillfully combine professionalism with femininity. Clearly emphasized, in line with the latest global fashion trends, the shoulder line adds self-confidence and strengthens the image of a successful woman. Exposed by the waistline and a belt in the color of the outfit, it builds the right proportions of the figure, slimming it and bringing the figure closer to the hourglass ideal. This effect is further enhanced by the fancy, asymmetric cut at the bottom of the jacket and the peplum-like finish with a decorative pleat. The whole thing is fastened with covered buttons in the color of the outfit.
A counterbalance to this spectacular, extremely elegant jacket are fancy, airy and delicate palazzo-style trousers. The legs that expand freely from the waist down can "magicize" the silhouette. They beautifully narrow the hips, hide extra kilos around the belly, while perfectly exposing the waist. Their unconventional style is additionally emphasized by the pleating.
Modern women's suits from Orchidea are a true manifestation of femininity. The two-piece trouser provides a spectacular look, functionality and comfort. The combination of the viscose mixture refined with Lycra used in the jacket and the airy chiffon in the pants allows you to feel confident all day long, regardless of the circumstances. The fabrics used ensure breathability and proper moisture removal. At the same time, they delight with their beautiful "work" on the silhouette and color, which is a true symbol of freedom, joy of life and balance.

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