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  • A beautiful formal set with trousers and a transitional coat. Elegant wedding sets for autumn and winter. De Marco online store
  • Exclusive dress set with trousers. The most beautiful bright styles with pants for Mom Weddings for fall and winter. De Marco tailoring
  • Luxurious formal set in shades of blue, gray and ash. The most fashionable styles with suit trousers and an extended jacket. Online store of the Polish manufacturer of luxury women's clothing De Marco
  • Elegant light trousers perfect for the inauguration of a wedding anniversary. Tailor-made trousers for the Wedding Mother. De Marco online store
  • A suit set with a transition coat made in Poland. Slimming formal trousers from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • Modern light gray trousers. The most fashionable women's formal sets with trousers, tailored. Atelier De Marco De Marco online store
A beautiful formal set with trousers and a transitional coat. Elegant wedding sets for autumn and winter. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Samita I trousers - Exclusive set with trousers

4 750.00 zł
4 200.00 zł

A modern women's suit set in shades of light ash. The most fashionable formal trousers from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek

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Beautiful, elegant formal trouser sets, dedicated to women who value classic style and harmony. The luxurious De Marco pantsuit from the Samita I line is a suit-type set that is perfect for various family celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, jubilee, baptisms, and First Communions. It is especially recommended as an elegant wedding styling for the mother of the bride and groom in the fall and winter. Samita I is also a perfect proposition for women professionally performing representative functions, for inaugurations, openings, anniversaries, various cultural events or prestigious scientific meetings.
The exclusive Samita I pants set is a perfect base for a total look styling. It is kept in a uniform, light shade of ash, with a touch of dove blue - it looks beautiful on the skin. Bright colors illuminate the face, and optically rejuvenate it, making it look radiant and rested. A uniform color is also an excellent base for creating bolder, more energetic creations - ash looks great, for example, in a duo with both pastels and more intense colors: yellow, red or e.g. navy blue. The basis of the Samita I trouser suit are classic women's suit trousers with a crease. The high waist and comfortable fastening make the pants fit nicely on the body, even on more demanding figures, while perfectly masking extra kilos around the belly. The use of edging ensures an elegant look and works to the advantage of the figure - visually lengthening and slimming it.
The upper part of the Samita I dress is a women's transition coat, which can also be used as an extended jacket. In the same color as the pants - it has a slimming effect. The smooth fabric and minimalist lines used make the outfit clearly dignified and prestigious. The whole thing is fastened with jewelry buttons, with a high clasp - thanks to this, an additional, slimming vertical line dividing the silhouette is created in the lower part.
The elegant Samita I trouser suit is a set sewn in Poland, made of a high-quality viscose blend refined with Lycra, distinguished by breathability and good moisture wicking. This effect is also enhanced by the viscose lining.
For lovers of modern total look sets, we also recommend, among others, the beautiful red Lorina women's set, with a jacket and a maxi skirt.

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