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Long belt for dresses, skirts and tunics from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Elegant wide belt III 250.00 zł
350.00 zł
Elegant wide strap made of eco-leather. De Marco online store
Elegant wide belt II 250.00 zł
350.00 zł
A beautiful hand-formed fabric brooch for formal styling. De Marco online store
Floral brooch 650.00 zł
A modern brooch and business pin from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Flower brooch II 650.00 zł
Fashionable amaranth suit belt. The most beautiful additions and accessories for formal styling. Polish producer De Marco
Eftalia suit belt 120.00 zł
Silk sash for styling formal suits amaranth. De Marco online store
Silk scarf 230.00 zł

Accessories and vouchers

Elegant, luxurious accessories are like the proverbial icing on the cake - they make an outfit complete and even change its character completely. The timeless little black dress with an elegant belt beautifully accentuates the waistline. Gloves or a stylish shawl can add a touch of glamour to classic coats. Taking care of such details is not only a sign of sophisticated taste, but it can also effectively boost our self-esteem. Scarves, gloves or snoods are also practical - on cold days they allow to maintain thermal comfort without losing the elegant touch. They are irreplaceable during festive meetings or other ceremonial occasions. They are also perfect as a gift - the gifted person will often use such a gift. We offer our customers a wide range of gloves, belts or exclusive women's scarves, hitting even the most sophisticated tastes. Just check below what we can offer.


Accessories and Vouchers De Marco

Exclusive black evening gloves. Sequin-embellished formal and evening accessories from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Irma evening glove 350.00 zł
The original strap of the skirt attached. Fancy evening accessories from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
Belt - skirt Ruta 750.00 zł
Elegant evening elbow gloves. De Marco online store
Era II evening gloves 650.00 zł
Exclusive gloves and hand-decorated evening mittens. De Marco online store
Era I Evening Gloves 550.00 zł

Face Masks

In times of pandemics and deteriorating air quality in cities, it is worth investing in a mask that is both elegant and effective. One does not have to exclude the other-as proof, we present the designs from our shop. Made of beautiful jacquard, the mask goes well with elegant ensembles and provides the necessary protection. It will go well with elegant, fashionable evening outfits, but not only. For everyday use, on the other hand, a version made of batiste in a universal white or black colour will come in handy. Both variants of masks are reusable. The breathing comfort is not compromised, so you can easily adapt to the sanitary regime. Buying more allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection, and saves time. Above all, it shows mutual responsibility.

Exclusive women's scarves for colder days

Women's scarves can be worn with both a jacket and an elegant coat. Made of noble materials, they protect the neck from unpleasant blasts of cold wind or snow. They will look perfect with an elegant coat. Softness and warmth should not leave anyone, especially in winter! Especially when you can choose from many patterns and match the model to your outerwear for an original, elegant and consistent look. Women's scarves are simply indispensable in autumn and winter!

Women's gloves

Another important aspect during winter is protecting your hands. Made from high-quality material, ladies' leather gloves not only make a very elegant addition to your outfit, but also prevent your hands from getting chilled and dry. Frost chapped hands are no fun at all - they are red, rough to the touch and do not look good even with well manicured nails. Women's gloves fit your hands perfectly, allowing you to maintain precision of movement. Thanks to this, using the phone or drinking hot coffee "on the way" is not a problem, even in winter.

Women's trouser belts

An elegant leather trouser belt is both a practical and timeless accessory. Not only will it prevent the trousers from slipping off the hips, protecting us from an unpleasant situation, but also beautifully emphasizes the waist and adds elegance to the whole. A convenient buckle allows you to adjust the length of the belt to your current needs, so that the trousers are both fitted to your figure and comfortable to wear. A belt for women's trousers can also be worn with a dress or a jumper, to beautifully emphasize the waistline and completely change the character of the set. It is worth seeing that with just one accessory you can create an outfit different from the usual one in just a moment.

Women's snoods

The ladies' snood is an elegant and practical alternative to the scarf and gives you more options. As the ends of the fabric are sewn together, it is easy to wrap the snood around the neck in a fanciful way or replace it with a hood. This is an interesting proposition for those ladies who are worried about the state of their hair under a hat or cap, or are simply not fond of headwear. Women's snood looks great when worn with an elegant coat and leather gloves. Every lady has the right to look chic, even when it's snowing and windy outside. Or perhaps especially so, since carnival is a time when we make a special effort to look striking. As you can see, every elegant lady will find something perfect for herself in our shop. You can quickly decide to buy a single accessory, create your dream women's winter set, or opt for one of the sets we have prepared. Elegance is something every woman deserves, and not only on holidays. So you can make a tasteful, timeless and practical gift for yourself or your loved ones - not only for Christmas. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full assortment of our shop, because we have many beautiful, tasteful proposals both for everyday life, for work, and for great outings.