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Standard collection

A well-known and proven store with elegant women's clothing is a real treasure for a fashionable, well-groomed woman of success. All Ladies, who must take care of their professional image on a daily basis and cannot afford to be negligent in this regard, know this. In our standard collection you can find high-quality business clothes: trousers, suits or dresses. They will help you with your personal branding when you need to represent your company with dignity and conduct negotiations with your customers. If you are looking for a collection of visit outfits - for a wedding or for an office - you will surely find the perfect one in the De Marco atelier. The standard collection includes various wardrobe items that can be combined to create unique sets and build an elegant, professional image. Moreover, elegant women's clothing is literally at your fingertips - our De Marco online store has a wide range of full sets for different occasions.

Luxurious set made of ecological leather, a trapeze skirt with a short jacket. De Marco online store 42
Elegant women's short leather jacket from the Polish manufacturer De Marco 38
Kleo leather jacket 1 200.00 zł
Beautiful, comfortable flared midi skirt made of ecological leather. De Marco online store 38
Kesja midi skirt 800.00 zł

Perfect suits for office and meeting

A suit is a trademark of a woman's success. One on which confidence, class and elegance beats. It helps in negotiations, builds prestige and confidence. Custom-made, high-quality fabric women's suits are made in our studio - we take a measure properly and design clothing tailored to a particular figure. Thanks to this, each of our clients looks dazzling and very professional. Our products such as Fabiana or Claudine line will be excellent to wear in the business reality.

Women's visit suits - for work and important celebrations

A ladie’s suit is a variation of a classic suit. It consists of a jacket, a skirt and a shirt. The seemingly conservative form has been creatively used by our designers. Details such as a jacquard collar demonstrate determination and originality while maintaining elegance. De Marco suits are feminine and are suitable not only for business meetings, but also important celebrations or outings. The good examples of that are Venus and Vanessa full sets that are appropriate to wear in any situation.

Visit trousers

Our clientele can also complete the sets themselves, starting with, for example, elegant visit trousers. A wide selection of them can be found in our online store with elegant women's clothing. A great example is the trousers with the diplomatic cut Claudine. You can opt for a cut with a high waist, widened legs or tailored - to expose the advantages of the figure. To create a set you just need to choose an elegant blouse and jacket, and then freely put together all the elements to dazzle with appearance every time.

Shirts and blouses

Elegant blouse is suitable for meeting, for office and even for more festive occasions. Well-chosen beautifully emphasizes the indent at the waist or gently exposes the neckline. The delicate chiffon will softly wrap the skin, perfectly blending with elegant or casual trousers or skirts. The original cut will certainly be noticed and appreciated. You can also choose a loose tunic and opt for a more informal styling, while not sacrificing elegance. A blouse, such as Simona, can be worn in many ways.


For trousers and shirt it is necessary to choose a suitable jacket. One that would fit the female silhouette and be appropriate to go to many occasions. Fastened with one or two buttons, or maybe in the version without a clasp (like the Bianka blazer) - each of our clients will find one in which she will feel perfect! In our store with elegant women's clothing there are jackets with or without collar, allowing to gently expose you jewelry. Going to the office, business meeting or wedding - there are many reasons to put on a jacket and build your elegant, professional image.

Dresses and skirts

Pencil skirt or dress are proposals for those ladies who want to look elegant and professional, but at the same time feminine. De Marco's offer includes clothing lines perfect for the office, but also those that will work great as a unique dress for a wedding (like the Kinga dresses) or another important celebration. A special day requires a unique outfit - such as our dresses. Cocktail, visit or business - will surely emphasize the beauty of each of the ladies. Just put on a jacket and an elegant coat (if the weather requires it).


Suitable outerwear should be selected for a carefully assembled set such as Debora. Our coats not only allow you to make a favuorable first impression, but also are in themselves examples of tailoring art. Elegant, warm and comfortable to wear, prove that in winter you do not have to give up elegance at all. They look great with trousers, a business dress, a suit or a classic pencil skirt. The coat can be successfully put on in the office, for a business meeting or an important celebration - it will work wherever an elegant appearance is important.

We will help you create an elegant look

We will be happy to help you choose the best available outfit or design something totally new especially for you in our atelier. Our talented designer creates a tailor-made wardrobe - perfectly suited to the client's lifestyle, needs and type of beauty. One that supports you in professional life and allows you to find yourself in any situation. We are proud to see how each of our clients becomes the best version of themselves. Elegant, impeccably dressed, professional. As it deserves.