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Classic women's suits, also known as cocktail or formal sets, are an essential element of the wardrobe of every woman who appreciates elegance and class. Formal suits are used not only by mature women, but also by women in high positions in diplomacy, business, science and politics. For many years, styling was associated primarily with official clothes. Recently, elegant suits have returned to favour. Ladies are more and more willing to reach for them, preparing for important occasions, such as a wedding, business meeting, family celebration, and even a meeting with friends. Classic women's suits most often come in subdued shades such as white, black or ecru. Nonetheless, deep red or turquoise sets are also interesting propositions. Often the choice of colour and cut would depend on fashion trends.

De Marco sapphire suit made in Poland. The most fashionable sapphire formal sets with a skirt. De Marco online store
Valentina sapphire suit 3 950.00 zł
A modern blue formal suit for a businesswoman. De Marco online store 38
Robert II's elegant suit 2 890.00 zł
Beautiful modern formal suit with a stand-up collar. Polish manufacturer of luxury women's clothing De Marco 38
Modern Olena suit 2 900.00 zł
Beautiful, elegant ecru suit with a decorative shawl. The most fashionable stylizations for a civil wedding by De Marco. De Marco online store
Apolonia exclusive suits 4 499.00 zł

Women's two-piece and three-piece suits 

Classic women's two-piece skirt suits are a combination of a jacket and a skirt, which for many years have been a classic styling for work. With the passage of time, formal sets have also become a perfect alternative to stylish cocktail or formal dresses. Therefore they are perfect for family celebrations. Three-piece suits are sets consisting of a jacket, which requires a delicate knitted, chiffon or silk blouse or top. A trouser suit can also be a two or three-piece depending on the type of a jacket. For example, a three-piece trouser suit consists of a jacket which is made to wear an elegant blouse or top underneath. Compared to elegant two-piece suits, they seem more strict. However, it cannot be denied that the three-piece suit is an irreplaceable styling that will be perfect for business meetings, adding professionalism and self-confidence.

Elegant two-piece ladies’ suits for every occasion

Exclusive women's two-piece suits will prove themselves during diplomatic and business meetings, as well as at important ceremonies such as weddings. It is a very popular Wedding Mothers’ choice. More and more often, young ladies decide on an elegant cream two-piece suit for their civil wedding. For work, the perfect choice are suits with a classic cut, i.e. a simple and fitted jacket, completed with a knee-length skirt in black, navy blue or gray. Here, we especially recommend sets such as the HeladiaSoraja  or Jokasta formal suits. For family celebrations it is worth choosing styles made of richly decorated fabrics or with interesting jewelry buttons. The exclusive Kaliksta suit or the elegant Europa suit will certainly be perfect for that. For brave women, we also offer Fortis or Felicja formal suits. Classic two-piece suit is always worth having in a women's wardrobe, because it can be used for so many important events.

Classic women's suits - with a skirt or trousers?

As mentioned earlier, classic women's suits are primarily a combination of a jacket with a skirt, which are definitely a safe choice for both a business meeting and a family celebration. However, that doesn't mean that this is the only way you can wear a smart suit. If you don’t like exposing your legs the combination of an elegant jacket and pants will be the perfect solution. It is also an alternative choice in winter when it can get too chilly for a skirt. A jacket or blazer in combination with trousers will surely make you look not only neat and elegant, but also professional, especially during lectures, public speeches or at a business meeting.

Exclusive women's suits are an ideal proposition for the summer

Exclusive women's suits are an extremely versatile and practical set that will work well during many important occasions. When deciding on a formal suit, you do not have to worry about the appropriate selection of individual styling elements. No wonder that they are also an excellent styling proposition in the summer, when high temperatures are common. An extremely simple combination of a perfectly tailored summer jacket such as Noriana II with a pencil skirt will not only emphasize female beauty, but also professionalism during business meetings. With a slight change of components, the same jacket can be worn at a wedding reception and party like in sets Noriana and Noriana I. All you need to do is to choose the perfect shoes, accessories and you’re ready!