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An elegant ladie’s suit is a definite must-have in every woman's wardrobe. It will prove its value in many important situations, not only during a promising business meeting, but also family celebrations, such as a baptism, wedding or Christmas. It might seem that only mature women choose exclusive women's costumes. However, formal outfits have again become very popular among young women who value elegance, simplicity and comfort. Over the last few years they turned to be more available in various types of patterns and colours. These wide range of choices would allow you to emphasize not only a professional approach to your look, but also your individualism.

WOMEN'S LADY COSTUMES, suits for every occasion, formal and business.

   A set of jacket and skirt sewn from the same material is a popular costume. This is women's business clothing. Most often it appears in navy blue, black and graphite colors. A set of jacket with pants is a pantspace. It is an equally popular business outfit for women. Business suits, women's suits are characterized by classic and minimalism.

The visiting costumes have much greater freedom in terms of appearance and color. Color fabrics are often used in various kinds of patterns and patterns. The freedom of cut allows for the construction of various models. The color sets have unlimited possibilities, which makes the costumes also become occasional attire. We are happy to put on family celebrations such as baptisms, communions and weddings.

In the case of a baptism dress, I recommend clothing from the Lotos collection, where we put on a tailor-made dress for a set with a jacket. Special indoor zips at chest height, allow you to sew a tailored dress. It is also worth emphasizing that thanks to such a solution we do not limit ourselves to knitting. Thanks to that our creations remain elegant. Garsonka for communion is the perfect choice. I recommend bright sets for this ceremony, such as Bianka Śmietana Jacket, Zofia Łosoś Jacket or Venus Popiel Costume. We can sharpen them with contrasting accents, as in the styles: Chanel, Leda. Often very practical clients decide on a wedding in a costume. I support this solution and I recommend colorful suits such as Al Naomi Indigo Costume, Mila Costume, Diana Costume, Amir Costume, Jowita Costume, or something toned like Frak Helena Beż ... costumes are always useful in the wardrobe, and I guarantee that we can use it for many seasons.

What makes women's suits stand out?

The clothing market in Poland offers women countless ideas for formal styling. A set of jacket and skirt made of the same material is the most popular solution that will work on many occasions. It cannot be denied that, with the passage of time, women's costumes have also become an interesting alternative to stylish evening or cocktail dresses. This classic, minimalist combination not only allows you to remain free, but also gives you self-confidence. Most importantly, the free cut of exclusive women's suits allows for a variety of pattern cuts. They can also be combined with trousers, making them perfect for the autumn and winter period, when the weather conditions do not spoil you.

Elegant women's suits for work

Exclusive women's suits have become a modern alternative to classic suits that once met the dress codes required by companies. They are definitely one of the most popular business attire for successful women. Usually, formal sets are associated with minimalism and classics. Most often, the combination of a jacket and a skirt is available in navy blue, black or graphite colours. If you are looking for an elegant women's suit suitable for everyday work, we especially recommend the business sets Aurora or Vanessa II from our collection. Created for modern women who constantly strive for professional success. Simple, elegant compositions will surely give you self-confidence during many business meetings.

Exclusive women's suits for important celebrations

Women's suits are a perfect proposition for styling both for work and for important family celebrations, such as the christening of the first child, grandchild, wedding or holidays. The simple combination of a jacket with a knee-length skirt not only keeps you comfortable, but will also add a touch of style. For women who value unusual combinations, we especially recommend bright elegant women's costumes with contrasting accents, such as Europa, Ruta or Mila line. For fans of the classics, on the other hand, we offer formal suits of Vesta, Heladia or Fidelis, which will emphasize the greatest strengths of each woman. 

Elegant women's suits for the Wedding Mom

Unparalleled elegance, comfort and, at the same time, timelessness - these are definitely the features of a female suit. The outfits based on a beautifully cut jacket give extraordinary possibilities in shaping the female figure, bringing out what is the most charming about her. The suits we design, perfect for wedding ceremonies and weddings, provide our clients with flawless proportions and maintain a real chic. The perfect cut, thanks to which we obtain the right body closeness, makes our clients look not only luxurious and elegant, but also sensual.