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What to wear to a wedding after 40, 50, 60...?

The right outfit for a wedding in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s ... should be elegant, but at the same time comfortable and practical. A dress for a wedding for a 50-year-old woman should be of a properly selected length, color and cut that will emphasize the advantages of the figure and allow you to feel feminine and stylish. It is worth betting on classic but modern models, such as, for example, asymmetric dresses with a narrow belt at the waist or in navy blue, light gray or burgundy. Be sure to check out Adrianna's elegant pleated wedding dress, Ingrid's exclusive jacquard dress, and Odeta's burgundy wedding dress. They all beautifully emphasize the waist and have sleeves.

An alternative solution can also be elegant and practical modern wedding suits. In this case, we recommend choosing models with a classic cut, but in modern colors, e.g. powder pink, green, magenta or beige.

In the De Marco online store, we offer many exclusive styles that are perfect for women over 50, including wedding dresses and suits that will make you feel feminine, elegant and comfortable in every situation. Our Polish designer Władysława Frączek, the owner of the luxury brand De Marco, makes sure that each of our clients is satisfied with the clothes purchased from us and feels special in every situation.

What dresses and suits to choose for a wedding after 50? What's trendy this season?

When it comes to elegant wedding dresses and suits for mature ladies in their 40s, 50s and 60s, it is worth betting on classic, but at the same time modern models. In the 2023 season, airy and light dresses in delicate pastel colors, such as powder pink, lavender or beige, will be fashionable. They will often be decorated with subtle lace, rhinestones, pearls or silk inserts that add elegance and lightness to them.

If you prefer more subdued colors, go for classic navy blues brightened with cream inserts or shiny jewelry, vanilla or beige. These colors are always fashionable and suitable for any occasion.

In the case of suits, it is worth choosing models in modern colors, such as light grey, yellow, beige, magenta, fiction, raspberry, green, or lilac, heather, violet. These can be models with a simple and elegant jacket or jacket and pencil or palazzo trousers, or a long airy skirt that is extremely fashionable this season.

At the De Marco store, we offer many exclusive dresses, women's costumes and suits that are perfect for women over 50. All models are carefully made of high-quality materials, such as silk, muslin, tulle, jacquard and lace. Polish branded dresses for mature ladies for weddings and other celebrations.

Where to buy a good quality dress?

De Marco branded Polish clothing made to measure. We design and modify solo creations so that they optically mask shortcomings, slim down and even out proportions. Professional tailoring is the only guarantee of the highest quality. Unique styles, phenomenal dresses, women's suits, suits and costumes for a demanding woman.

Where to buy a wedding dress for a godmother?

A dress for a wedding for a godmother in the De Marco online store, offering elegant dresses for ladies of all ages. At https://www.sklep.demarco.pl/ there is a wide selection of dresses, including dresses for the godmother. De Marco is a Polish clothing brand specializing in the production of luxurious dresses and suits, designed with elegance and comfort in mind. Thanks to the fact that the dresses are made of the best materials and with attention to every detail, they are the perfect choice for ladies who are looking for original solutions and want to look special at every celebration, including the wedding of their child or grandchildren.