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Certainly, every woman has a universal women's jacket in her wardrobe, which will be perfect for everyday use, for work and for important celebrations. It might seem that exclusive women's jackets are mainly used by mature women who appreciate the combination of elegance with simplicity and classics. Well, not necessarily! More and more young representatives of the fair sex decide to buy a jacket that will perfectly harmonize not only with trousers, but also with a dress or skirt, e.g. on autumn days. It cannot be denied that in the autumn and winter period, elegant women's jackets play an extremely important role in styling, adding not only style and grace, but also emphasizing the character of the wearer or a professional approach to work.

Coat, Jacket, Business clothing

Jacket, formal and business jacket

The most fashionable fashion of the business jacket available on our store. A navy for a wedding, a communion for the dress and trousers. Elegant to work. !!!

How to wear a women's jacket - with a dress or with trousers?

Until recently, the combination of a women's jacket with a skirt was the most popular styling for work. Perfectly cut, made of exactly the same fabric, they form the so-called a formal suit that is perfect for both business meetings and family celebrations. Over the years, classic women's jackets have become not only a typical styling that meets the requirements of the employee's dress code. Currently, women combine jackets with dresses, especially in the autumn period, thus creating a unique style that emphasizes their individual character. Exclusive jackets can also be combined with trousers, creating the so-called trouser suit, most often used in politics, business or international corporations that care about the company's image.

Exclusive jackets for everyday use and work

Are you looking for an elegant women's jacket that will meet the requirements of the dress code prevailing in the company, and at the same time subtly emphasize your professionalism and individual style? For work, business meetings or employee banquets, we especially recommend exclusive women's jackets in black, navy blue or in dark, subdued colours with trousers or a skirt, such as Aleksandra, Miriam or Amira. We guarantee that the trouser or skirt suit will not only meet the top corporate requirements, but also emphasize your figure, adding self-confidence.

Elegant women's jackets for every occasion

It cannot be denied that over the years classic women's jackets have become an inseparable element of every woman's wardrobe, regardless of age. They are usually the perfect complement to the styling. Young women more and more often combine elegant women's jackets with jeans, creating casual outfits that allow freedom of movement in everyday situations. Thanks to the possibility of combining various items of clothing, young girls can create an individual and unique style. Mature women focus primarily on the classics, choosing a formal skirt or trouser to wear with a jacket. For fans of timeless stylizations, we recommend styles such as Bianka, Miroma or Gabriela. For the young and the characterful, we offer the Venetia women's jacket, which will surely add a bit of a twist to the styling.

Classic women's jackets are an ideal proposition for autumn days

Autumn is a time when women can show their imagination and create unique stylizations both for everyday use, for work and for important celebrations. An inseparable element of their stylization is definitely an elegant women's jacket, which perfectly harmonizes not only with jeans, but also a skirt or tailored trousers. Women's jackets are a great proposition for autumn days, when the temperature often does not pamper. They allow to emphasize not only professionalism and individual character, but also complement the everyday styling, adding style and elegance to it. They will look great in combination with sports shoes or subtle heels.

Jacket made for the dress for the Wedding Mom

The jacket is a garment perfect for any occasion. Darker, with a more sophisticated line - it becomes more formal. When it takes on shine - it becomes a part of an evening outfit. By shining - it can take on a less official character, without losing any of its elegance. A well-chosen jacket with a beautiful cut, it will be perfect both as an outer covering of a dress for the Wedding Mom, and as an integral part of the entire styling. The jackets we offer for the Wedding Mother are an excellent "frame" for the upper parts of the body, especially bringing out the beauty of a woman's face. At the same time, our beautiful cuts show the advantages of a female figure, emphasizing the waist and slenderizing the figure.

Elegant women's jackets for dresses

An exclusive jacket for a dress is a perfect proposal for a wedding dress, which will delight with its chic and refined elegance. Wedding styling for the mother of the bride and groom should emphasize the prestige and uniqueness of the ceremony, especially when we also participate in church rituals. Beautiful, dignified styles of sets for a wedding and a wedding for Mom - provide an extremely feminine, radiant look, and at the same time exceptional comfort and convenience. We offer a wide range of luxurious sets of dresses with a jacket for Mom. Regardless of whether we prefer shorter creations, subtly revealing shapely legs, such as the Rhiannon wedding set or the luxurious Basileja set with an original-cut jacket. For lovers of retro-style creations, we recommend a jacquard set with a flared dress and Macarena II jacket in the color of royal gold, and a lady who likes romantic glamor outfits - a luxurious set with a Nunilon evening dress. Our exclusive creations for the Wedding Mother are a guarantee of a seductive, extraordinary look that will allow us to celebrate this one of the most important days in the life of the Child and the whole Family with real joy.