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Light elegant formal dresses / Formal dress

An elegant, chic dress is still the most fashionable female styling for all kinds of occasions and celebrations, both family, such as baptisms, communions, weddings or anniversaries, as well as professional - speeches, premieres, exhibitions, openings. Luxury formal dresses offered in our Atelier and through the De Marco online store are creations full of feminine charm, style and sophisticated elegance, which at the same time are an original and fresh look at women's formal fashion. Our formal dresses are stylizations sewn in Poland, designed for all body types, beautifully and at the same time tastefully, emphasizing its natural assets - including: as in the exclusive Patricia formal dress, shapely legs as in the luxurious Alana dress or sensual magnetism of the clavicle bones as in the Urania dress. Formal dresses from our offer are a simple, proven way to create a sensual and at the same time dignified styling thanks to which we will present our personality and character.

The most fashionable christening outfits for mom

The christening of a child is an extremely joyful, hopeful and positive family celebration. When choosing a Baptism styling for Mom, it is worth paying attention to fashionable creations in light, delicate or classic colors that will not distract the attention of the gathered from the ceremony - too flashy cut or colors. From the wide range of our sewn in Poland, also in the tailor-made offer - styling for baptism, we recommend elegant, airy formal dresses, e.g. a beautiful flared dress Nila or an exclusive formal dress Lusi. For the baptism for mothers - lovers of costumes and suits, we recommend, among others, a fashionable jacket with a Cintia dress or a Lisa I suit with a captivating color. Child's christening is also a great opportunity to present yourself in a stylish women's suit, such as a beige pantsuit with a Rossa blouse or a luxurious Lea suit. Our diverse offer for Baptisms for Mom or Godmother is creations full of class and chic, and at the same time extremely functional, providing comfort and freedom of movement that is so necessary for the child.

Slimming sets with pants - Women's suit for mom

A women's suit is a universal, timeless creation, perfect for creating an elegant styling for any occasion, especially the most important family celebrations such as a wedding and a child's wedding. A properly fitted women's suit for the Wedding Mother will emphasize the prestige and solemn nature of the event, at the same time neatly aligning the proportions of the figure and making it slimmer. In our Atelier and via the website, we offer chic, made-to-measure suits with a looser, slightly fitted cut - ideal for women with fuller shapes in the abdominal area, such as the asymmetrical Niniwa wedding suit or the stylish slimming Eduard III suit set. For the mother of the bride and groom with a pear-shaped silhouette, we recommend a women's suit that optically slims the hips and thighs, e.g. a fashionable Erna suit with a vest or a Lamassu women's evening suit with an original composition with a floral motif and ostrich feathers. A women's pantsuit for a wedding mother is a perfect proposition that will allow you to feel and look attractive and appropriate to the rank of the ceremony, while enjoying comfort and convenience.

Exclusive Polish clothing brand De Marco - online store

De Marco is a unique brand of luxury women's clothing on the Polish market, created for women who value a style full of sophisticated elegance and class. In our Atelier and the De Marco online store, we offer sewn in Poland, from the highest quality carefully selected materials - stylish formal and formal dresses, ball and evening dresses, tasteful suits with modern cuts, women's formal and business costumes or delightful women's suits with trousers. Our offer also includes exclusive coats: light, transitional and winter, as well as refined accessories and accessories that add character to the styling. As a renowned Polish clothing brand, a special place in our offer is occupied by luxurious creations dedicated to the Wedding Mother and chic women's trouser suits, costumes and diplomatic sets. De Marco are timeless, noble cuts, created for Successful Women - courageously making their dreams and plans come true.