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Modern women's formal suits. Polish producer De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Exclusive Polish women's suits: Ewelin

4 350.00 zł
3 690.00 zł

Luxurious women's suit with an amaranth scarf. Fashionable women's trouser sets in intense colors

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This deep shade of amaranth, emanating wealth and dignity, evokes passionate emotions, while at the same time adding self-confidence and courage to follow your dreams. The unique combination of color symbolism and excellent workmanship makes our suit an indispensable element of the wardrobe for women who value both refined style and subtle accents of luxury.

A beautiful, energetic women's suit set dedicated to cultural and business events as well as anniversaries, anniversaries and family celebrations. An amaranth women's suit is a great opportunity to look stylish, beautiful and unique during a wedding, First Communion, baptism or a round jubilee celebration. The simplicity and elegance of the Ewelin women's trousers set is a perfect styling for a company party, business dinner or inauguration.
Polish women's suits from the Ewelin line are two-piece formal sets with trousers, attracting attention primarily with their combination of inspiring, energetic color and fancy cut. The shade of amaranth used in Ewelin women's suit sets is a symbol of temperament and character. The expressive combination of red and purple makes the entire styling a kind of manifesto of courage and perseverance in striving to make your plans and goals come true. A beautiful and refined cut has a beneficial effect on the proportions of the figure - evening them out and emphasizing the strengths of the figure. The lightly fitted Ewelin women's jacket, thanks to tailoring and tailoring, slims the waist and belly area, relieving the figure. The Ewelin women's suit features a clearly emphasized shoulder line, which is currently one of the most fashionable global trends in women's fashion. What also attracts attention is the diagonal fastening line, topped with an elegant, airy scarf at the neckline that can be fastened with a jewelry button. This additional element not only adds a romantic character, but also allows for various updos - depending on the mood and needs of the figure.
The elegance of the Ewelin jacket with scarf is complemented by comfortable and stylish women's suit trousers with a crease. The high waist gives a sense of confidence and comfort, and at the same time nicely hides any extra kilos around the belly. Flare leg, slightly widened - beautifully lifts the buttocks and lengthens the figure.
Fashionable women's formal suits from the De Marco Ewelin line are made in Poland, using comfortable and airy viscose blends refined with Lycra. Thanks to this, the style is highly resistant to deformation, is comfortable to wear and adapts perfectly to the figure.
For women who like trouser sets, we recommend our other suits, e.g. the stunning Orchidea women's suit with pleated trousers.

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