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  • Luxurious women's evening set with trousers. De Marco online store
  • Modern black evening trousers from Polish designer Władysława Frączek. Atelier De Marco online store
  • Exclusive black evening suit. Polish producer De Marco
  • The most beautiful luxurious black women's evening suits tailored by De Marco
  • Original sexy women's evening suit in black with fancy wide sleeves. Polish producer De Marco
  • What to wear to the opera, theater, operetta, opening? The most beautiful women's evening sets with trousers. Polish producer De Marco
  • Unique black women's evening styles with an original bishop's sleeve
  • The most fashionable black evening sets with trousers, perfect for New Year's Eve, New Year's balls, carnival parties. De Marco tailoring
  • Romantic black women's evening suit. The most fashionable black dress styles from a Polish designer, tailored to De Marco
  • Elegant black women's trousers with original sleeves. Tailored tailoring made to measure by De Marco
  • A tailor-made women's ballroom banquet set. The most beautiful styles for a ball, gala, banquet, party from the Polish manufacturer of luxury women's clothing De Marco
  • A sexy, tailor-made pantsuit. Luxurious black trousers perfect for parties, receptions, balls, banquets, galas. Atelier De Marco
  • Fashionable women's evening suits. Black women's trousers for New Year's Eve. Luxurious New Year's Eve styling for women 30+40+50+. De Marco online store
Luxurious women's evening set with trousers. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Sonja evening set with trousers

5 900.00 zł

Exclusive women's evening suit with fancy sleeves. The most beautiful black styles for New Year's Eve, gala, party, New Year's balls

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An elegant and sensual, delightful women's evening suit, perfect for the most important celebrations, parties, events, galas, banquets and balls. Thanks to the combination of a classic cut and fancy sleeves with transparency, it is a dream outfit also for a premiere, the Theatre, the Opera or the Philharmonic. Particularly recommended for New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve balls and the carnival period.
Our evening set with De Marco trousers from the Sonja line is a styling full of magnetism and sensuality while being derived from the absolute classics of women's style. Fancy black trousers fit perfectly into the evening atmosphere, looking great in the stage light. The Sonja women's evening suit will surround you with a sensual and seductive aura, filled with femininity.
De Marco's black evening set is a styling based on the classic of the genre - a smooth, delightfully simple - fitted women's suit, fastened with jewelry buttons. A high-ended fastening - creates the effect of a slit on the figure, opening coquettishly from the waist to the hips - which, together with the waist, intensifies the impression of slimming it while exposing the hips. In this way, the figure's proportions are modeled and the figure is closer to the hourglass ideal. A subtle horizontal neckline and shoulder pads optically highlight them, which is currently one of the most fashionable trends in women's fashion. The elegant minimalism of the basic suit is complemented by slightly tapered, high-waisted women's suit trousers. A set of jackets and trousers in the same color - beautifully slims and lengthens the figure.
The crowning achievement of our luxurious Sonja evening trousers are stunning sleeves made of translucent black chiffon. Bishop's sleeves, with draping, finished with a narrow cuff, give the whole outfit a romantic character, adding ethereal and lightness. A fancy sleeve combined with a classic, smooth black women's suit - gives a unique effect that will make you feel like the star of the evening.

For lovers of unique, passionately designed creations, we also recommend, for example, our luxurious Florence evening dress.

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