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  • The most beautiful women's suits 2024. Fashionable jacket and trouser sets for Successful Women. De Marco online store
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  • Exclusive women's suits 2024 sewn in Poland, perfect for a business meeting, wedding, First Communion, anniversary. De Marco online store
  • Exclusive women's suit in the color of old gold. The most beautiful women's suits and trousers made of ecological leather from the Polish manufacturer De Marco. De Marco online store
  • A timeless, universal set of jacket and trousers, perfect for a wedding, communion, charity concert, gala. The most fashionable women's suits made of eco-leather for successful women in 2024. De Marco online store
  • Gold business formal set made of ecological leather. Elegant styles made in Poland with high-waisted trousers and a jacket. Polish producer De Marco
The most beautiful women's suits 2024. Fashionable jacket and trouser sets for Successful Women. De Marco online store
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Fashionable women's suits: Fatima

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3 500.00 zł

Women's slimming suit made of eco-leather in the color of old gold. The most fashionable business and special occasion suits 2024 De Marco

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Ready to conquer the business world? Our luxurious proposition in the color of old gold - the Fatima women's suit, is a styling designed for women who are not afraid to express themselves, always striving for perfection. Regardless of whether you are preparing for an important business meeting, an elegant charity ball, an awards gala or a First Communion or family wedding. Our fantastic gold suits will give you a spectacular and unique look. Dare to conquer the world - you are ready for it!
Our luxurious De Marco women's suit from the Fatima line is a unique combination of classic style and dignified classics, with the latest fashion trends. A two-piece pantsuit in the color of "old" gold will make your skin look exceptionally shiny and delight you with a youthful, relaxed look. The use of high-quality ecological leather ensures high wearing comfort and perfect fit to the figure. At the same time, this material will satisfy the most demanding tastes, especially those with high ecological awareness.
Fatima is a two-piece suit set dedicated to a businesswoman, consisting of a figure-slimming jacket and high-waisted, creased trousers. A gold jacket not only looks perfect in a dedicated set, but can also successfully serve as the basis for many other styles for various occasions. The Fatima jacket with an asymmetric cut is fastened with a covered button in the color of the entire outfit. Thanks to this, the fastening line creates the perfect shape of a woman's dream figure - an hourglass, shifting the accents to the roundness of the hips and a slim waist. The sensual design is complemented by perfectly highlighted arms, reinforcing the authority and refined character of the outfit. If you want a slimming effect - the Fatima women's suit will work great, slimming your figure and adding extra centimeters. The high-waisted, golden Fatima women's set made of eco-leather will optically lengthen your legs and at the same time will perfectly mask any extra kilos around your belly. The figure looks sensual and elegant in them, and at the same time very modern. A gold women's suit with trousers is a perfect styling to present yourself from a completely new, previously unknown side.
We also recommend our women's suits in intense, seductive colors: Ellen in mustard yellow, Ellen I in the color of mature wine, or maybe Erna II in noble emerald green. Be bold with your style and check out our offer.

Due to the great interest in our offer, please contact us by e-mail: info@demarco.pl. This way, we can provide you with comprehensive information on all our products.

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