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An exclusive trouser suit for the Wedding Mom Siena I

3 720.00 zł

De Marco exclusive women's suits for the mother of the wedding

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The exclusive Siena I women's suit is a real gem that provides excellent effects for such a party as a wedding, communion or christening for the child's mother. Ten luxurious trouser sets exude elegance and chic, make the woman wearing it feel precise and accurate.

The light blue color of the decoration provides it with freshness and delicacy, perfect for summer experiences. Decorated jacket with unique details and original products with openwork inserts creating a composition. Exclusive embroidery on tulle, made in the shape of leaves, additionally emphasizing the elegance of the suit. Blue thread with a delicate sheen and white gold thread showing the amazing effect of finishing the legs, giving them a unique charm.

An additional element, which are ethereal ostrich feathers in a cream color, skilfully integrated into the embroidery of floral ornaments, creating a harmonious whole. It's refined and tasteful details that keep the look distinctive.

Exclusive women's suits are irreplaceable in the wardrobe of every elegant woman. To develop and stylish solution that works great on different types of patterns. Polska De Marco is famous for creating the most fashionable and unusual quality women's suits. Their collections bring a wide selection of stylish suits, including suits with trousers, which gain the unique character of the woman wearing them.

At De Marco you will find the most fashionable women's clothes that are perfect in many situations. It is a Polish brand that cares about every detail, ensuring high quality and excellent quality. Their accessories exude style and elegance, emphasizing the uniqueness of each woman. If you are looking for a unique and fashionable suit, De Marco is a brand worth using.

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