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  • Yellow business set with trousers from Polish designer Władysława Frączek
Modern women's suit in shades of yellow. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Elegant women's suit Adelaide

4 450.00 zł
3 900.00 zł

Elegant women's business formal set for summer. Suit set: jacket and trousers tailored by the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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Do you like setting fashion trends? Get ready for a real revolution in your wardrobe! Our yellow women's suit in shades of yellow is a combination of fashion classics with a refreshing color that is a real hit, especially in spring and summer. The single-breasted cut of this women's suit not only emphasizes elegance and chic, but also has slimming properties that will make you feel confident and phenomenal in any situation. Get ready for an explosion of emotions in a formal suit and trousers set that exudes positive energy and self-confidence. It's not just clothes - it's a manifestation of your bold approach to fashion and life. Ready for a fashion revolution?

A timeless classic of women's fashion in a new, energetic version! The exclusive De Marco women's suit from the Adelaide line is a perfect combination of a jacket and trousers set inspired by masculine elegance, in a modern version, full of youthful joy of life. The luxurious Adelaide women's formal suit is a timeless, universal outfit for work in the office, for a business meeting, conference, and for family celebrations - weddings, communions, jubilee, anniversaries. It will also be perfect for important local celebrations, such as City Days, Harvest Festival, inaugurations or charity concerts.
Adelaide is a women's set with pants in a unique yellow color full of positive energy and joy of life. A single-breasted suit with straight-cut, high-waisted trousers perfectly shapes the figure, visibly slimming it and adding a few centimeters, especially in an elegant total look version. Beautifully highlighted shoulders add prestige to the styling and naturally strengthen women's authority - at the same time, they are currently one of the most fashionable trends in exclusive women's fashion. Smooth trousers in shades of yellow are perfect for various occasions, ensuring ease of styling - thanks to the possibility of adding accessories of a different nature. This way, our universal women's formal suit will quickly become one of your favorite spring/summer styles. An additional element of the suit, which is part of the Adelaide outfit, is a fitted sleeveless formal blouse.
Adelaide women's suits are creations made in Poland from selected fabrics - a viscose mixture refined with lycra. It ensures perfect fit, wearing comfort and support for natural thermoregulation processes.
See for yourself how many possibilities our yellow women's suit Adelaide has!

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