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A modern, comfortable business suit with a casual cut. Tailor made by De Marco
Set with Erika pants 1 990.00 zł
Elegant Lila trouser 1 750.00 zł
Luxurious black women's pants with a sheen. De Marco online store 44 42 40
Amira II trousers 820.00 zł
1 130.00 zł
Black formal trousers with a free cut. Pants with an elastic waistband, perfect for casual styling. De Marco online store 46 44 42 40
Original Karina pants 1 550.00 zł
Original, sensual black women's evening jumpsuit from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek 36 42 38
Karina evening jumpsuit 2 100.00 zł
Crimson business formal trousers from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
Milon V's pantsuit 2 990.00 zł

Women's trousers - elegant and comfortable

Exclusive women's pants must be in the wardrobe of every successful woman. A properly selected cut will not only emphasize the strengths of the figure, but also allow you to build elegant, timeless sets for business meetings or important outings. The tailored sewing service at De Marco's atelier ensures that the garment will look great in any situation. High-quality materials and the experience of designers guarantee the effect that our clients deserve, especially when the proposals will be enriched with stylish accessories, such as an elegant leather belt. We offer elegant women's cigarette trousers, with wide legs or openwork - so there is a lot to choose from.

Elegant skirt, blouse, trousers, from De Marco

Cigarette trousers

Cigarette trousers do not go out of fashion, so it is worth investing in a high-quality model. This typeface was also popularized by Audrey Hepburn - an icon not only of cinema, but also of a timeless style. Narrow, not covering the ankles and available in many variants, they can be worn both on a daily basis and during official meetings. They fit both a classic, waist, women's shirt, as well as a tunic or a cashmere sweater. The legs look great in them. For our clients on special occasions (such as the New Year), we recommend the bold, openwork Sapphira model. It makes a really amazing impression! One cannot pass by him indifferently.

Business trousers

For business meetings or for the office, we recommend more subdued models, for example, elegant Fabian or Jonna women's trousers pressed into the crease. Thanks to them, each of our clients can look professional and tasteful. Enriched with a classic leather strap, they will stay securely on your hips and will make it easier to complete a set for any important occasion - from a company meeting to family celebrations. Just choose one of our shirts and it's ready - a dazzling, professional look guaranteed without much effort - because it's not worth wasting time in life and business.

Exclusive women's trousers with wide legs

In addition to models with narrow legs and high waisted, the De Marco atelier also offers elegant women's trousers with wide legs, such as the Antea. They are spectacular! They can effectively improve body proportions without sacrificing timeless elegance. They will beautifully balance the upper and lower body visually. In addition, such legs look impressive and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Leather trousers

Leather trousers, such as the Nike model, are also suitable for an elegant tunic or shirt. You can create original sets with them for many formal or informal occasions. It is a manifestation of a strong, strong character and independence. You can fancifully break it with a delicate tunic (for work) or a jacket, or emphasize it by wearing a leather jacket (on a day off). Such clothing communicates courage and self-confidence. The choice of the rest of the kit depends on the circumstances and your mood. Leather pants have long left their rock and motorcycle niche. Combined with other elegant wardrobe items, they are no longer reserved exclusively for concerts. Now they are a must-have item in women's wardrobe.

Summer trousers

You can also look fashionable and elegant in summer. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult to prepare such a set for work or for a meeting - all you need is the right base. The exclusive Jutrzenka women's pants are a perfect example of this. White or black, airy, delicate, originally sewn and elegant - they will help you build a set of clothes for hot weather and more. A light fabric and a neutral color are always a great choice, regardless of the occasion or the season.

How to wear elegant women's trousers?

Exclusive women's trousers are perfect for many official situations: In the office, during a business meeting, gala, going to the theater, restaurant or family celebration. It is worth wearing them both with a classic, white, fitted shirt, and in a more casual version - with a tunic. There are many occasions - from important negotiations with contractors to family holidays. They are an excellent base for many styles, so they won't get bored. It is enough to match them with a jacket or a blouse and a timeless belt to always look impeccable. Exclusive women's pants are reliable. They are timeless, just perfect.

Check out our exclusive atelier!

The selection of elegant women's pants at De Marco is extremely rich, so we cordially invite you to our atelier. Our designers will help each of our clients to look and feel elegant and professional regardless of the occasion. We can also sew a design to size - thanks to this, the garment will fit perfectly. We will be happy to help you choose a shirt, blouse, bedspread or jacket for your pants, so that the whole thing looks professional and effective at the same time. In the office, in a restaurant or during an important meeting - every occasion is good to look great in De Marco clothes! Elegant women's trousers by De Marco must be in the wardrobe of a successful woman. They are perfect for any occasion. We invite!