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Elegant mini skirt with a sensual slit. Eco-leather. De Marco online store 38
Inka black mini skirt 660.00 zł
880.00 zł
Elegant black mini skirt with pockets. Eco-leather. De Marco online store 40 42
Elegant Inga mini skirt 660.00 zł
880.00 zł
Luxurious set made of ecological leather, a trapeze skirt with a short jacket. De Marco online store 42
Beautiful, comfortable flared midi skirt made of ecological leather. De Marco online store 38
Kesja midi skirt 800.00 zł
Elegant two-layer claret 3/4 skirt. The most fashionable styles with a midi skirt 42 40
46 44
Long maxi skirt Viana 1 220.00 zł

Skirts are a complementary element of women's stylizations, determining their elegance and class. It is chosen most often on special occasions, emphasizing their importance. Elegant skirts are also an important part of the clothing of women working in offices, banks or offices. They look best in the company of beautiful blouses, also available in our spectacular collection. In the wide category of exclusive skirts we have prepared, you can find the highest quality models designed especially for the most demanding modern women. The offer is addressed to women who appreciate the best-class materials, wearing comfort, elegant appearance and phenomenal styling. In our online store, we enable both the selection of an appropriate, standard size of clothing, as well as tailor-made sewing. Thanks to this, the elegant skirts presented by us will be ideally suited to each figure in an individual way. The exclusive collection will completely eliminate the problem of too large, small, badly adjusted or tight cut.

38 42
An airy skirt Fiora 990.00 zł
A fanciful skirt Masiela 1 680.00 zł
A silk dress Fiora I 2 400.00 zł
Maxi navy skirt Pladia 1 450.00 zł
Sewn in Poland elegant skirt 3/4 shiny. De Marco online store 40 38

Asymmetrical, elegant skirts optically lengthen the figure

In response to the needs of modern women, we have prepared a rich collection of exclusive skirts, distinguished by an extremely fashionable cut in the form of asymmetry. They have a slightly longer material at the front, which allows for an effective slender effect. Branded skirts from the Dionysia series are high-class proposals, available in many interesting versions. They delight with an unconventional cut that will emphasize the exclusive style of every woman. Asymmetrical elegant skirts are perfect both for special occasions and at work. They provide unique comfort of wearing, which is due to the jacquard fabric that perfectly adapts to the movements of the entire figure. For women who appreciate the classics, we recommend a navy blue business model, while for those who prefer a bit of madness, we have created a dark gray, shimmering skirt enriched with a pattern obtained with a silver thread

Classic skirts in an exclusive, bold edition

The elegant skirts are made on the basis of a classic, traditional design, inspired by a pencil, harmonious cut. In the same, minimalist form, in our online store you can find luxurious costumes and pants that can be an interesting alternative to exclusive styling. The models of classic skirts have been enriched with unique decorative elements and unconventional patterns, which makes the collection extremely unique and bold. The black formal skirt with Dione studs is a proposal for women who are not afraid to experiment with fashion. A great way to diversify the classic, elegant styling will also be a model with a Delfina cut, completely breaking business conventions. The exclusive skirt impresses with a geometric insert made of eco leather, adding class and a hint of modernity.

Colourful models of elegant business skirts

The collection of elegant skirts we present, created especially for the most demanding business women, is a perfect example of the fact that luxurious styling does not have to be black and white, boring and monotonous. Jagna salmon skirt is an original proposition available in a fashionable, pencil form. It has a floral, delicate pattern that looks stylish and unconventional. In the same model, the classic skirt is in mustard color, which looks beautiful during the autumn period. They will perfectly combine with a subtle, flowing blouse from the set, made of silk or crepe. Together, they will create a unique set for special, ceremonial occasions and more.