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Premium collection

Our premium women's clothing is an exclusive collection, consisting of unique elements of women's wardrobe, such as: pants, suits, sets and coats. We have prepared ready-made creations for our exceptional clients for various occasions and celebrations. Properly selected clothes or accessories definitely emphasize the feminine advantages, while eliminating some imperfections of the figure. They give women a lot of self-confidence and also contribute to their well-being. Premium women's clothing is made of the best quality materials. As a result, all proposals of this type perfectly fit the female figure, guaranteeing incredible comfort and convenience while wearing. It is worthwhile to please yourself and choose luxury in its best form!

Premium collection - winter outfits for cold days

It's still a long way to spring, and the days are getting colder. An appropriate outfit is essential that will emphasize all the woman's strengths, effectively protecting and enveloping the body. The Dinara winter costume is one of the most popular items from the current premium collection. It is characterized by perfection in every detail. Modern style combined with reliable classics makes the winter costume look great. Deep black gives even more elegance in good taste. In turn, the Dinara winter coat is a universal option for ladies from different age groups, because regardless of age, every woman in this coat will look great. The high quality of the material guarantees durability and translates into a beautiful appearance. The Dinara coat is very warm, nice and pleasant to the touch. An elegant addition in the form of a button resembling a brooch and black fur will make this proposal perfect for spectacular evening outfits.

Premium collection - women's suits

Miranda's evening suit will make its owner the best version of herself! Its unique appearance and style with extraordinary accessories creates a perfect, coherent whole that will allow you to gain even greater self-confidence. Properly prestigious clothing can positively affect the benefit during business negotiations or at work when managing a team. Miranda evening suit is a luxury at your fingertips. It will emphasize all the advantages, while concealing some imperfections of the figure. It is possible thanks to the appropriate cut of the jacket. Hand-applied sequins and lace are eye-catching, distracting attention from, for example, wider hips. Premium women's clothes are original and unique creations that go beyond any pattern. Unusual accessories combined with an appropriate cut are a guarantee of success. We focus on quality, as exemplified by the exclusive Miriam women's suit. This is one of the most popular styles that combines brilliant simplicity with modern, elegant accessories. The whole looks very subtle, and despite the golden main color - there is no unnecessary splendor here. Properly selected accessories, shoes and jewelry will make every woman look phenomenal!

Premium collection - ladies' bespoke tailoring

If ladies want to stand out and break the patterns - it's worth betting on prestigious premium women's clothes. Our extensive offer includes a practical solution - tailor-made sewing. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. Worries related to the problem of choosing the size thanks to this option will be a thing of the past! How does it exactly look like? After selecting the 'Made to measure' option, the form should include such information as: date of the ceremony, accessories and dimensions. The next necessary step is to send body photos (by e-mail) in tight clothing so as to accurately show the front, side and back of the body structure. During the execution of the order, we are in constant contact by phone. The entire process may take 5 to 8 weeks. It is worth waiting so long, because the effect will be captivating!

Premium collection - a range of possibilities

We approach our clients individually. We try to meet all the requirements and expectations to ensure that their level of satisfaction is as high as possible. Premium women's clothes are products of the highest class. The best example is the Fortuna Trouser. This costume will give you great confidence and make you stand out from the crowd. Black, classic pants in combination with an eye-catching, luxurious gold-colored jacket is a chic and elegant styling. The Fortuna trouser is a showpiece of our tailoring. When creating prestigious clothes from the premium collection, we pay attention to the smallest details. Properly sewn, they guarantee great convenience and comfort, as well as durability for years. This amazing collection is definitely worth the money! We focus on unconventional and extravagant style. It is definitely worth joining the group of elite owners of premium women's clothing