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  • Exclusive women's formal suit in shades of blue. Polish producer De Marco
  • The most fashionable women's occasional suits for a banquet, party, prom, wedding. De Marco tailoring
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  • Elegant, stylish women's blue suit with lace sleeves. Fashionable blue women's trousers in azure blue. De Marco online store
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  • Women's occasional suit made in Poland in shades of blue. The most beautiful women's trousers with lace for a wedding. De Marco online store
  • Romantic set, feminine suit set with lace sleeves. The most beautiful blue styles for women, perfect for a wedding. Polish producer De Marco
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  • An original blue women's wedding suit, perfect for the wedding mother, godmother-in-law. De Marco online store
  • The most fashionable wedding styling for mother-in-law and godmother. How to dress for a child's wedding? Polish producer De Marco
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Exclusive women's formal suit in shades of blue. Polish producer De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Elmira: Exclusive women's wedding suits

4 650.00 zł
3 750.00 zł

The most beautiful women's suit sets for family celebrations. Fashionable women's suits with lace from a Polish manufacturer

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A women's occasional suit that impresses not only with its perfect cut and finish, but also with its subtle charm inspired by the beauty of butterfly wings. Just like a butterfly that symbolizes change and transformation, our women's suit is a reference to change and a new stage in the life of every woman and family, which is the wedding day and the reception of a beloved child.

A beautiful and original Elmira women's formal suit is a perfect proposition for women who value original, extraordinary style and elegance. Designed with artistic passion, De Marco Elmira women's suits will beautifully emphasize the prestige and importance of the event - both family and professional. Elmira is a creation created for an elegant wedding mother, mother-in-law or godmother. It will look perfect at parties, banquets and galas, providing an attractive look and unprecedented comfort.
The fashionable blue Elmira women's suit is a two-piece, fitted trouser suit in azure blue. The base of the set are plain, classic high-waisted suit trousers and a fitted jacket and women's jacket. The use of a smooth, viscose blend fabric refined with Lycra guarantees a beautiful, stylish look and a slimming and elongating effect. The high waist of the trousers allows you to discreetly cover up any imperfections or excess weight around the belly. A clearly emphasized shoulder line adds prestige, strengthens authority and nicely builds the proportions of the figure. Exposed shoulders are currently one of the most fashionable trends in exclusive women's fashion.
The crowning achievement of the elegant simplicity and subtlety of the suit are the wide, asymmetrical cut sleeves that break the patterns. The fancy floral motif on the fabric and the "butterfly wings" effect are an original decoration of the entire styling. Lace sleeves, like delicate butterfly wings, add extraordinary lightness and elegance to De Marco's formal suit. Their pattern and texture, reminiscent of the filigree structures of insect wings, add charm and sophistication to the outfit.

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