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It is absolutely necessary for every women to keep some chic dress in their wardrobe. The dress that could be worn on the date with a partner, dinner with friends as well as a business meeting or an important family event. It is apparent that fashion industry worldwide offers very broad range of choices that can help to subtly highlight and enhance the body shape no matter the size. Nonetheless it can be challenging to be able to find the dress that would meet all of these expectations at ones. In this, De Marco, is a brand that focuses on individual needs of every customer. Here we design and make dresses accordingly to your needs paying a close attention to details and assuring a high quality to create a unique, luxurious dress that will last you.


Business dress. Dress for the wedding. De Marco De Marco from Frydrychowice

The most fashionable dresses for wedding and work. The specialty of the dress tailor-made company for the mother of the Bride and Groom.

An elegant everyday wear and work dresses

At the average shop it is a common thing to find different types of women’s dresses mixed all together, therefore it is definitely worth to unbundle dress’ wardrobe and put them into the right category. If you are looking for some smart formal women’s work outfit, the best choice is a business style dress, that would give you an elegant and modest look. To meet a corporate dress code requirements it is safe to wear half and below knee length dresses or mid calf known as ‘maxi’. Typically, the sleeve lenght of formal style dress would be long, elbow length or ¾ length, short sleeves and sleeveless which are the most practical and comfortable to wear. However, if you decide to choose the sleeveless one we recommend to pick some discreet suit jacket to match. What’s important here is the choice of colours. The easiest and most appropriate choice here is a drak blue or navy which harmonizes with different tones of beige, grey, ecru and blue. Although, if someone wants to catch the attention of the members during the meeting red colour dress is also acceptable.

A chic dress designed to emphasize your femininity

If you are in search of an elegant dress that can subtly highlight your femininity the best choice is a visit dress that could greatly complement your wardrobe. The biggest advantage of a visit dress is its shift cut, straight with no waistline, therefore it is highly recommended for ladies that are not too tall because it can help to elongate the body visually. Majority of visit dresses can be worn to social arrangments, bussines meetings such as a working lunch and other formal events. Visit dresses could be also stylized and used to attend family celebrations such as a christening, birthday, holy communion or even wedding. Here it is worth to take into consideration what colour of the dress to choose to highlight the importance of a particular event and its purpose. If you decide to choose an exclusive visit dress for a diplomatic meeting to attend, you should remember about a nice, wieghtless overcoat to match with. Such a coat should be designed to partly unveil the underneath dress.

Exclusive dresses for important ceremonies

Luxurious ball gown and prom dresses are always striking. They are imbued with different types of adornment - from glitter and brocade to crystals - easily attracting the attention of gathered together guests. Ball gown dresses are often very fancy and colourful. In our offer you can find garments shades from black and white to orange and red. Typically, very elegant dresses are adorned with various types of gold, silver, pearls or mesh fabric texture, that give you a luxurious look. Fashion designers very often choose variety of fabrics - silk and lace, tulle, taffeta or net like fabrics  - merged together. Undoubtedly, most of the chick dresses you can buy with us are truly artworks that are designed to make you look like a goddess. However, it is worth to remember when buying a ball gown dress, it should not restrict a body movement, especially when dancing.

The irreplaceable Little Black evening Dress

Undisputedly, a little black dress simply LBD is certainly a classic and an intrinsic element of women's wardrobe. Its vast history reaching the beginning of the last century.  It cannot be denied that an elegant, black dress is a perfect outfit not only for formal meetings but also casual celebrations with family, friends or a partner.  It allows you to create unique styles regardless of the prevailing fashion. Stylish black dresses also allow you to play with the vast majority of accessories such as jewelry, scarves, cardigans, coats and fur coats to match with. No wonder LBD is a common choice in all social circles. It  is a definite necessity in a woman's wardrobe, regardless of age or type of beauty

Stylish dresses as an ideal option for the summer

Exclusive cocktail dresses are an excellent recommendation for the spring and summer period. Extremely light and airy, make you feel very feminine and self-assured. Most of the cocktail dresses are designed to be distinguished by rich colors and a variety of patterns, such as flowers, polka dots, stripes, animal or plant motifs. Typically, luxurious summer dresses have a loose cut, are characterized by a cut at the waist and a flared bottom, perfectly emphasizing the bust and waistline. Their length can in fact be various, depending on the choice of the client. You can find many examples of mini, knee-lenght, half-calf and maxi dresses. They serve as an excellent and stylish outfit for a walk, family gathering or vacation. Even if we happen to be invited as a plus one for the wedding reception we can consider a cocktail dress as a safe and elegant choice.