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  • Women's formal suits made in Poland with a jacquard short jacket and trousers. Polish producer De Marco
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  • Exclusive women's formal suits with a short jacket made of gold jacquard. De Marco online store
  • Polish manufacturer of luxury women's clothing De Marco. The most fashionable women's suits and suits with trousers, made to measure.
Exclusive women's suit in black and gold. Polish producer De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Exclusive Aurora II women's suits

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The most beautiful women's formal suits made of combined materials from the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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Have you ever wondered how to combine refined elegance, unique style and the image of a professional? Are you looking for an original formal styling where luxury meets unique style? If you like exclusive outfits with trousers, our latest proposal of a women's suit with a short jacquard jacket is just for you! Discover our modern formal suit where elegance and personal, professional style go hand in hand.

Exclusive De Marco Aurora II women's suits are a style that skillfully combines the advantages of a women's formal suit and a women's trouser suit. It will be perfect as an outfit for family celebrations, cultural events (concerts, meetings with authors, vernissages), and, above all, as a business styling. In the Aurora II women's suit set you will look chic during an official business meeting, professional dinner or party.
The "center" of the Aurora II women's suit is a short, slightly fitted jacket designed from combined materials, with a high button fastening. The use of the main material - a fancifully decorated jacquard fabric in black and mature gold, ensures not only a spectacular look, but also great properties - high breathability, wearing comfort and good moisture wicking. Thanks to the combination of the advantages of a women's jacket and a jacket, the upper element of the Aurora II outfit perfectly emphasizes the waist, optically slimming and slimming it. Another interesting solution is the replacement of the standard jacket collar with a neat and extremely characteristic round collar in the style of fashion icon Jackie Kennedy. This collar will perfectly emphasize the girlish delicacy and nobility of facial features. It will add charm especially to women with smaller figures and long face shapes. The rich jacquard pattern is broken by the use of timeless black in the collar, pocket flaps and buttons. Thanks to this, the whole thing acquires a timeless, temperamental style.
A refined jacket/short jacket is complemented by classic suit trousers with a crease. The trousers are characterized by a straight cut, with a slightly tapered leg and a high waist, which is a great solution for all body types, especially dedicated to those who want to discreetly cover up extra kilos around the belly. Simple, elegant trousers are an absolute must-have in every woman's wardrobe!

For those looking for more intense colors, we recommend our wide range of women's suits, e.g. the Erna II women's suit, captivating with its cut and emerald green color.

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