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Elegant formal blouse in pink color tied on the sleeves. De Marco online store 38
A modern turtleneck with a metallic sheen from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek 40 38
Elegant blouse Violetta II 360.00 zł
560.00 zł
A silver women's blouse sewn in Poland with a loose cut, perfect for parties. De Marco online store 40 38
Silver Violetta III blouse 350.00 zł
550.00 zł
An elegant silver women's blouse sewn in Poland with a wide turtleneck. De Marco online store 40 38
Elegant blouse Violetta I 370.00 zł
570.00 zł
Elegant, universal beige blouse for women, perfect for sets with trousers. De Marco online store 46 42 38
Classic plain Iva IV blouse
Classic Iva IV blouse 480.00 zł
Elegant smooth red blouse under a jacket. Red chiffon blouse for women. De Marco online store
Patrycja blouse 550.00 zł
Elegant white formal blouse with short sleeves from the Polish producer De Marco 48 46 42 38
Formal blouse Pola II 450.00 zł
White chiffon office blouse with long sleeves. De Marco online store 48 46 44 42

An elegant blouse is a must-have for any women's wardrobe. For some it is a form of everyday corporate styling, for others it is an occasional outfit during various events, meetings or important celebrations. In any situation, it will be perfect as a complementary element, adding style and nonchalance. Our online store offers exclusive women's tops, which will charm every woman with their high-quality workmanship, selection of unique materials and a spectacular cuts. The collection includes long and short sleeves blouses. They are distinguished by a precise design that takes care of keeping the classics in a modern edition. Elegant women's blouses will appeal to business women who value simplicity and minimalism, and who like to experiment with fashion. De Marco is a fashion trade mark who helps you easily match an elegant blouse with exclusive skirts or trousers. The collections we make will blend in perfectly with each other, creating the most luxurious styles in which every woman will feel confident, beautiful and elegant.

Exclusive women's blouses based on classic and minimalism

The dominant belief in elegant stylizations is that regardless of the given situation, the classic works best. Based on the latest trends in the collection of women's formal blouses, we have prepared minimalist styles that will perfectly complement the charm of skirts or trousers. We recommend an elegant, navy blue Gapa blouse. It delights with its simplicity and delicate character. Perfect for any combination, emphasizing the unique class. We also recommend an exclusive women's Lidia blouse with long sleeves, made of extremely delicate fabrics that translate into comfort of use. It delights with transparent, delicate sleeves, which makes it a unique cut from our collection.

Formal women's blouses - a way to experiment with fashion!

In the luxurious De Marco collection, we focus on classics and minimalism, but not only! Our offer is directed to, among others, business women who are not afraid to experiment with fashion. We provide exclusive women's blouses enriched with original accessories. The white Pandora blouse impresses with pleated sleeves. It looks really elegant and will certainly diversify any styling. For lovers of crazy outfits, we recommend the Silver Feba women's formal blouse, distinguished by an extremely fancy design. It delights with its unconventional shape, which is due to the unique composition of the sleeves. All the elegant women's blouses we offer are available in standard sizes, but we also enable tailor-made, so that every woman can feel perfectly, comfortably and exclusively in our clothes, regardless of the situation.