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A modern short woolen business jacket from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek 38
Jon's wool jacket 1 200.00 zł
2 800.00 zł
Exclusive black coat made of ecological leather. Polish producer De Marco 40 38
Short coat Kleonika 2 800.00 zł
Luxurious transitional coat made of ecological leather. De Marco tailoring 42 40 38
Elegant Victoria I coat 3 500.00 zł
A modern, elegant women's transitional coat to a dress. De Marco online store 38
Petra evening dress coat 3 500.00 zł

Finding an elegant women's coat that will meet women's expectations is a real challenge. The clothing market and common fashion stores offer countless ideas of outerwear suitable for everyday use, for work and for important celebrations. Nevertheless, very often they do not meet individual needs. If you are looking for an exclusive women's coat that will subtly emphasize your greatest values, then you are in the right place! In our online store, we cherish the combination of beauty and harmony, offering our customers tailored women's coats that will serve its purpose for many years. If you like to bet on a certain type of coat in a certain colour, which is above all warm, light
and ensures air circulation, see our collection of woollen coats. The woollen coats in the De Marco collection are made from natural wool fabrics of different weights and weaves. A wide range of wool colours allows you to choose your favourite one. In our Atelier, we help you decide on the right fabric, cut and colour, adapting to your preferences, and allowing you to realize almost any idea.


De Marco ladies bespoke coats and blazers for a mother of the Bride and Groom.


Women's long business cardigan coat. De Marco online store
Irma long coat 4 200.00 zł
Women's light cream coat for a dress. Polish producer 38
An exclusive wedding set not only for a civil wedding. White wedding set from Polish designer Władysława Frączek
Lea's set with trousers 7 230.00 zł
A coat / extended jacket with a stand-up collar sewn in Poland. Fashionable long women's jackets from the favorite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland - Władysława Frączek
Formal Tsar's coat W5 3 850.00 zł

Exclusive women's coats and dresses

Surely you remember when the First Lady Jolanta Kwaśniewska appeared in a bright coat with a lace dress at her daughter's wedding. It is thanks to this speech that luxurious women's coats gained considerable popularity among both mature and young women. Currently, the coat has become an inseparable element of the wardrobe of every woman who values ​​classics and elegance. It should be remembered that the coat should be a set with the dress, partially reveal it and be made of the same fabric or in a similar colour. Elegant women's coats, depending on the styling, can have the same length as the dress or be slightly shorter. Simple coats are usually chosen for pencil-cut dresses, and retro-style coats for flared ones. We then have a guarantee that the dress will not crumple or will not float while walking.

Elegant women's coat for the bride's wedding dress

When looking for an outfit for important events, such as communions, receiving a prestigious award or wedding, remember that the outfit should be two-piece. Undeniably, for the bride, the wedding dress itself is the most important part of styling and should be chosen with great sensitivity. It is also worth focusing on choosing the right exclusive women's coat, in which we will participate in the welcome part. It cannot be denied that the coat looks phenomenal with the dress. Such combinations prove not only high class or elegance, but also aesthetic awareness. For wedding dresses, we especially recommend luxurious women's coats fitted at the waist with a strong neckline, equipped with up to 2 buttons, such as Nydia, Sonia or Kumiko. This cut will also allow for a subtle presentation of the dress.

Luxurious women's coats for the wedding ceremony

The bride and groom draws the full attention of the gathered guests, but the parents of the bride and groom are the most important guests during the wedding ceremony. They occupy an important place at the wedding table. On such an important day, mothers of the bride and groom should impress not only with pride, but also a sense of class and elegance. Most often, they choose simple knee-length dresses that emphasize their feminine advantages. For the set, they choose a fitted jacket or an elegant women's coat. At De Marco, for the transitional seasons, we especially recommend cream coats, such as the Noble coat, which will brighten the face and emphasize the joyful but solemn atmosphere of the celebration. For the summer season, we offer airy chiffon coats that perfectly cover the shoulders and they are very light and breathable.

Exclusive women's coats with fur

Luxurious women's coats in combination with a dress are extremely elegant. They are associated primarily with class, they give self-confidence. They are an advantageous, safe styling for women regardless of age, because they do not shorten the figure, and can even emphasize its greatest strengths (if, of course, they are properly selected). If you are looking for a coat that will add a bit of character to your outfit, we recommend the Harpia faux fur vest or the Carina poncho. Not only are they great for important celebrations, but also for everyday use, e.g. for work, complementing even the simplest styling.

An elegant coat for a wedding dress. De Marco Exclusive coats for formal dresses and ball gowns


An elegant dress coat is certainly an essential element of a woman's wardrobe, which will raise the prestige of any formal or evening outfit while ensuring thermal comfort and protection against changing ambient temperature. A luxurious light coat for a dress is also extremely important coverage that, when properly selected, will emphasize chic and class, adding character and dignity to the whole style. In the offer of our Atelier, you will find both short coats in a set with a formal dress, such as our Marion coat with a pencil dress or a luxurious set of a coat with a Halia formal dress, as well as maxi coats for ball or evening dresses - e.g. jacquard maxi coat for a ball gown Urania. Among the light dress coats we offer, a special place is also occupied by elegant coats dedicated to Mama Wesela, which will ensure a unique, captivating chic and classy look - e.g. a silver coat for a silver Galatea dress.