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Luxurious women's suit in amaranth. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Ilona: Elegant women's suit

4 250.00 zł
3 590.00 zł

A modern women's suit in amaranth, created with Successful Women in mind. Tailor-made fashionable women's suits

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Ready to conquer the world? This amaranth suit not only adds new colors to the surroundings, but also reminds you that every day is a new opportunity to boldly make your dreams come true. In an environment that has become accustomed to subtle shades, you dot the i's by introducing new, exciting colors into life.

Elegant, full of artistic passion, the Ilona women's formal suit is a modern proposition for strong, self-confident women, in an intense amaranth color. A women's suit set is a style in which you will attract attention and delight those gathered at various cultural events - City Days, anniversaries, Harvest Festival celebrations, inaugurations or openings. Thanks to the combination of a classic line with youthful freshness and a modern approach to women's fashion - it will be perfect as an outfit for important family events - First Communions, baptisms, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The Ilona two-piece trouser guarantees great styling possibilities, it looks great both in the total look version and complemented with stylish accessories, especially in white, black, shades of gray, navy blue, green or brown and beige.
Our modern Ilona women's suit is a two-piece set consisting of elegant trousers with creases and a smooth jacket with a slightly fitted cut. The bottom of the suit - the trousers stand out not only for their color, but also for their extremely fashionable and universal cut. Flared, bell-bottom suit trousers (flare with a crease) are a perfect option for virtually every figure. They perfectly highlight the advantages of both women with fuller, curvier figures and small, slim figures. They match elegant footwear - pumps or stilettos, as well as casual shoes. The high waist of the trousers means that you no longer have to worry about how to "keep it in check" or effectively cover up excess weight around the belly.
The top of the Ilona suit set is a classic, smooth jacket in an intense color. The slightly fitted cut combined with the fabric used (a viscose mixture refined with Lycra) ensures comfort, convenience and resistance to creases, and the good properties of the material also support natural thermoregulation processes. Simple, minimalist pocket flaps at hip level - they beautifully emphasize them, positively influencing the proportions of the figure. An extremely fashionable element in world fashion is the raised and accentuated shoulder line - it adds seriousness and authority, and in the case of figures with fuller shapes in the lower parts (thighs, hips) - it restores the appropriate proportions. The Ilona women's jacket is fastened with jewelry buttons that emphasize the importance of the outfit and add shine to the whole.
Discover your strong and stylish side with our women's suit in a charming amaranth color. Invest in your transformation, start by changing your style - feel confident, beautiful and ready for new challenges!
If you are looking for elegant styles full of positive vibrations in vivid colors, we also recommend, for example, our modern Noriana IV suit.

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