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Modern elegant formal suit. Polish producer De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Elegant suit by Ewelin

3 990.00 zł
3 390.00 zł

Modern formal suits with an asymmetrical fastening line and a stylish scarf. Tailor-made styles in amaranth

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Enter the world of bold choices and intense emotions! The modern cut of a suit with a jacket with an asymmetrical fastening and a stylish scarf will emphasize your individuality. This suit is not just a piece of clothing; it is a manifesto of your courage in achieving your dreams. Cross the boundaries of convention and immerse yourself in a world where every day becomes a new opportunity to express yourself. Ready for an unforgettable experience in amaranth style?

The beautiful, stylish Ilona formal suit is a creation that delights with its youthful energy and graceful and charming style. A set of an amaranth jacket with a classic pencil skirt will look perfect during business meetings, cultural events or family celebrations. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a wedding, a wedding reception, a First Communion or an anniversary. It will provide an attractive appearance and comfort even during the most demanding circumstances and weather conditions.
The elegant De Marco Ewelin suit is an outfit in the center of which is a smooth jacket designed with passion, with an asymmetrical fastening line, crowned with a jewelry button and a ruffled chiffon scarf in the color of the outfit. The diagonally cut scarf gives Ewelin's suit lightness and delicacy, and at the same time opens up new styling possibilities - through many pinning and styling options. The use of such a treatment also clearly shifts the emphasis to the upper parts of the figure, which, combined with the emphasized shoulder line, makes it possible to cover up wide hips or massive thighs (e.g. in the case of pear-shaped figures). The diagonal neckline beautifully lengthens and slims the neck, while ennobling the facial features of women with fuller, round or square faces. The classic cut of a high-waisted pencil skirt complements the dynamic and modern top - the luxurious Ewelin jacket. It has a beautiful effect on the figure, especially in the total look option - slimming and slimming it.
The entire set is sewn in Poland, in Atelier De Marco, based on carefully selected fabric - a viscose mixture refined with Lycra. Thanks to its excellent properties, it ensures a perfect fit to the figure, pleasant wrapping and adequate breathability and moisture removal. Viscose blends used in our creations are highly resistant to mechanical damage and deformation, guaranteeing you an elegant, impeccable look all day long.
Discover your artistic self in our charming outfit with the Ewelin skirt. Let our suit with a scarf become your reliable ally in creating unforgettable moments full of elegance and exceptional sophistication.

For lovers of romantic, modern outfits, we also recommend, among others, the Anastasia I women's evening costume.

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