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  • Women's dress coat formal lace eco-leather. Polish producer De Marco
  • Luxurious formal evening dress coat. Tailored tailoring De Marco online store
  • Black lace formal dress coat sewn in Poland. Fashionable dress coats from the Polish manufacturer, made to measure De Marco
  • Romantic lace eco leather dress coat. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Women's black lace light evening coat. Fashionable outerwear for gale meetings. De Marco online store
  • Light women's formal coat perfect for the evening, gala, party, vernissage, premiere. Original lace dress coats from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Black lace light dress coat made of eco leather sewn in Poland. De Marco online store
  • Romantic lightweight coats made of lace. Fashionable De Marco coats made of eco leather from a Polish manufacturer
  • Beautiful evening long midi jacket with eco leather lace. Fashionable evening outerwear for going out styling. De Marco online store
  • Sensual black light evening coat made of luxurious eco-leather lace. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Black transitional midi lace capes sewn in Poland. The most fashionable sexy black light dress coats from De Marco
Women's dress coat formal lace eco-leather. Polish producer De Marco
The Diamond Collection

Aya Exclusive dress coats

2 850.00 zł

A refined evening dress coat made of eco-leather. Fashionable lace formal coats from De Marco

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Fancy, sensual dress coat Aya is the perfect complement to the evening stylization. A light, lace cover is perfect for a premiere, vernissage, a visit to the opera, theater or philharmonic. The De Marco Aya dress coat complements the formal look for family celebrations, galas, award ceremonies, author's evenings or important balls of the business world.
Exclusive coats for the De Marco Aya dress are a maxi-length creation (with the possibility of adjusting to the individual needs and requirements of the customer), sewn in Poland and designed by the favorite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland - Władysława Frączek. The sensual, seductive character of the Aya cover is given by the fabric used - high-quality eco-leather lace on a light and airy mesh. Black adds character to the styling and tempts with undiscovered secrets. Intricate eco-leather ornaments make De Marco Aya coats a perfect complement to simple, minimalist formal and evening outfits. We recommend it, for example, in a duet with a beautiful formal Ayla pencil dress.
A light maxi coat for the De Marco Aya dress is characterized by a simple cut, with a fastening with jewel buttons. The freely spreading, fastened lower skirts make the silhouette optically elongated and slender. Clearly marked and emphasized shoulders add character and raise the prestige of the styling, while building authority. Also noteworthy are the light and airy chiffon sleeves, finished with a wide cuff made of eco leather. The combination of clear ornaments and the delicacy of free sleeves gives a fanciful, extremely artistic effect and reflects the complexity of feminine nature, combining unbridled strength and incredible delicacy at the same time.
The top is crowned with a leather stand-up collar, corresponding to the rest of the outfit. The De Marco Aya long dress coat is perfect for evening trousers as well as a skirt, dress or dress. It can be a light cover for a cooler evening, as well as an essential element of an evening outfit.

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