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  • A modern, elegant women's transitional coat to a dress. De Marco online store
  • A luxurious dress coat made in Poland in shades of light ash. De Marco tailoring
  • Romantic long transitional occasional coat. The most fashionable dress coats from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
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  • Elegant transitional coats for evening styling. The most beautiful evening coats from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • The most beautiful coats for evening wear, sewn in Poland. Polish producer De Marco
  • Long evening coat for New Year's Eve, wedding and carnival outfits. Luxurious evening dress coats. De Marco tailoring
A modern, elegant women's transitional coat to a dress. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Petra evening dress coat

4 100.00 zł
3 500.00 zł

Luxurious long coat for evening styling. The most fashionable special occasion coats by designer Władysława Frączek

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A beautiful and stylish long, light coat dedicated to evening outfits and styling. Petra is an outerwear designed to provide comfort and a refined look during the most important occasions and great evening outings. It will perfectly complement the elegance and class of an evening dress or a luxurious evening trouser. The Petra light coat for an evening dress is a universal element of a woman's wardrobe for women who value minimalism and artistic details.
The De Marco evening dress coat from the Petra line has a well-thought-out, harmonious design and subdued colors. Shades of light ash-gray with elements of dove blue suit virtually every type of beauty, beautifully illuminating not only the styling, but also the face - they have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin, providing a rejuvenating and smoothing effect. The slightly widened cut of the coat ensures not only freedom of movement but also an exceptionally chic look and proper alignment of body proportions. The Petra occasional coat is an outerwear with a beautiful, charming neckline, with a genuinely royal stand-up collar. An envelope clasp with artistic ruffles and jewelry buttons placed at the waistline ensures freedom and the ability to subtly cover up extra kilos around the belly by slimming them. The luxurious Petra evening dress coat is made of a high-quality viscose blend refined with Lycra. For greater comfort and ensuring the necessary breathability and moisture absorption, it is also equipped with a consistent color viscose lining.

A coat for an evening dress is not only a practical accessory, but also an element that adds elegance, style and originality to your appearance. This is a perfect way to emphasize your beauty and bring out the beauty of an evening dress, making you feel confident and attract attention at any party or event. You can create an interesting contrast or harmony with the dress by choosing the right coat. For example, a contrasting coat color can add interest to a simple dress, while a harmonizing shade creates a cohesive, elegant look.

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