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  • The most beautiful black women's maxi coats with ties. De Marco online store
  • Modern elegant women's leather coat with a tie. Polish manufacturer of De Marco dress coats
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  • Women's long, elegant coat made of black ecological leather. De Marco online store
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Exclusive black coat made of ecological leather. Polish producer De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Exclusive Victoria II coat

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The most beautiful black formal coats with ties made of ecological leather. Polish producer De Marco

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A long, elegant women's formal coat, sewn in Poland from ecological leather. Women's De Marco coats from the Victoria II line are stylish outerwear that can be successfully combined with both less formal styles and formal outfits. The use of ecological leather with an eye-catching embossed pattern makes the Victoria II coat a perfect complement to any styling, whether with trousers, a skirt or a dress. De Marco eco-leather coats attract attention and add a distinguished, graceful character.
The exclusive De Marco Victoria II coat is a model with a classic, casual cut, fastened with two buttons. A tied belt ensures a perfect fit and proper exposure at the waist. The simple cut guarantees the timelessness and universal character of the cover. Our Victoria II eco-leather coats are models with clearly defined shoulder lines and a classic, elegant collar. This ensures a prestigious, dignified appearance, and at the same time has a great impact on proper body shaping, especially for women with dominant lower body parts - massive thighs, rounder buttocks or hips. The wide collar balances them perfectly, and the tie at the waist additionally brings the figure closer to the hourglass ideal. The Victoria II eco-leather coat model is especially recommended for women with a figure type, e.g. pear or triangle. Victoria II coats will also look great on a cylindrical figure - they even out the proportions and optically slim the waist.
The luxurious Victoria II women's coat with a tie is sewn in Poland, in a tailored version, from high-quality ecological leather, in a sensual black color. Beautiful embossing - with fancy polka dots - also attracts attention. The use of ecological leather ensures a beautiful, stylish look while maintaining an ethical approach to fashion - not requiring the use of animals in the leather industry. Eco-leather is durable, less susceptible to damage and staining, and also waterproof. Our De Marco coats made of ecological leather will be perfect as autumn outerwear for important family events, business meetings, evening trips to a vernissage or an exhibition in the theater.

We also recommend our beautiful woolen coats, e.g. the long beige Malena dress coat with eco-fur.

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