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  • Luxurious black women's pants with a sheen. De Marco online store
  • Fashionable black high-waisted trousers from the Polish manufacturer DE MARCO
  • Modern glossy black trousers perfect for evening business formal styling. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Shiny women's formal evening trousers. Fashionable women's high-waisted shiny trousers. Polish producer De Marco
  • Black dress pants sewn in Poland from Polish designer Władysława Frączek DE MARCO
  • Fashionable black women's styling with trousers. Women's black glossy trousers. Tailor made DE MARCO
  • Sexy fitted women's formal black glossy trousers. Fashionable black women's trousers for a blouse or jacket. Polish manufacturer DE MARCO
  • Women's black glossy formal trousers. Tailor made by designer DE MARCO
Luxurious black women's pants with a sheen. De Marco online store
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Amira II trousers

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Slightly fitted formal trousers with a metallic sheen

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Great, full of chic elegance, women's black dress pants with a seductive metallic sheen. Amira II is a model of trousers that can be the basis for many stylizations, completely different in character and shape - from elegant formal sets for birthdays, business meetings, exhibitions, to romantic evening meetings, a date, going to the cinema or shopping. Our Amira II pants give you a lot of possibilities, and the final character of the styling depends on finishing the outfit with accessories, shoes or a handbag. They look great in a duet with the classic summer formal blouse Iva IV or, for example, the wonderful jacquard Mirabella III vest.
Amira II are women's trousers with a formal character and a slightly fitted cut, ensuring a sensual and elegant look, and at the same time comfort and comfort of movement. The slightly tapered leg makes this model nicely expose long legs, optically emphasizing and lengthening them. The slimming effect is additionally emphasized by the high waist, thanks to which ladies with rounder abdominal areas will also look good in Amira II trousers - the material fits nicely around the figure, yet it does not imprint and does not cause discomfort when worn. The well-thought-out use of the fabric is also noteworthy - the Amira II women's formal trousers are sewn in Poland, from a knitted fabric that is nicely movable, interspersed with an effective silver thread - thanks to which they perfectly reflect the light, both natural and artificial lighting in the room, restaurant or on the dance floor . Our slightly fitted Amira II formal trousers are an important, basic element of a woman's wardrobe, especially for women who feel better in trousers than in stylizations based on a skirt - appreciating their functionality and wearing comfort.

We also recommend our wonderful women's formal suits, in eye-catching colors, perfect for conferences or work - for example, the magnificent Erna II women's suit with palazzo pants, in the color of hypnotic green.

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