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  • Black formal trousers with a free cut. Pants with an elastic waistband, perfect for casual styling. De Marco online store
  • Comfortable, casual black dress pants from the designer Władysława Frączek. Made to measure De Marco
  • Comfortable loose black dress pants sewn in Poland. Original pants covering the tummy and thighs. De Marco online store
  • Original modern dress pants. Sporty elegance of casual pants. Tailored sewing De Marco Online shop
  • Black tapered leg pants with an elastic waistband. Comfortable dress pants from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
  • Romantic brave dress pants that mask the thighs. Casual black pants perfect for a party, going shopping, concert or going to a gallery. De Marco online store
Black formal trousers with a free cut. Pants with an elastic waistband, perfect for casual styling. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Original Karina pants

2 190.00 zł
1 550.00 zł

Fancy, casual trousers with tapered legs. Unusual black women's pants with an elastic waist

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Loose, black women's pants that combine sporty comfort with classic elegance. Karina pants are made for women who value comfort and functionality. Thanks to the original design, with eye-catching draping around the thighs and hips, the Karina model will be perfect as an element of many stylizations, both casual and less obliging sets for a party among friends, a visit to a gallery, etc. Karina is a perfect styling element for women from the circle of artistic professions, emphasizing their own unique style and a creative approach to fashion.
Karina dress pants are made of a sensual, black viscose blend refined with lycra and polyamide, thanks to which they provide comfort, breathability and high resistance to creases. Side drapes can be styled in a variety of ways - leaving them freely along the silhouette or, for example, tied at the front in the style of buggy pants. Such a procedure will optically cover up a rounder belly or more massive thighs, giving the styling a bold, artistic expression. Black Karina pants go great with a classic women's blouse for casual styling or in a version for a party with friends, e.g. in a set with a silver Violetta III blouse.

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