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  • A beautiful, elegant set with pants for a wedding. Luxurious pants with pleating in shades of gray, ash and dove blue. De Marco tailoring
Elegant women's set with pleated trousers. De Marco tailoring
Jasmine Collection

Elegant women's set with Jolanta trousers

3 540.00 zł
2 750.00 zł

Exclusive women's two-piece trousers with pleating. Luxurious outfits with trousers from the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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Stylish and effortlessly elegant two-piece trousers in light gray. The Jolanta set is a proposition for women who value minimalism, simplicity and timeless classics. It is perfect for various cultural events, exhibitions and celebrations. Completed with appropriate accessories, it will look perfect during family anniversaries, birthdays, or as a luxurious wedding outfit. We especially recommend it in combination with the exclusive De Marco flower brooch in the same color.
The Jolanta trouser is a smooth, formal outfit that delights with its simplicity and minimalism, distinguished by its timeless style and skillful combination of classics and popular fashion trends. The two-piece De Marco set from the Jolanta line consists of a nicely fitted, fitted occasional blouse, with a shallow neckline in a horizontal line - gently emphasizing the shoulders, which can have a positive effect on evening out the proportions of the figure. What attracts attention is the fancifully designed sleeves made of combined materials - transforming into a bell-shaped sleeve, widening downwards, with fine pleating. The pleat made of airy chiffon not only ensures wearing comfort, but also creates an aura of delicacy and etherealness, also - thanks to the vertical lines on the silhouette - an optical slimming effect.
An integral part of this extremely elegant occasion set are elegant suit trousers with a crease. Keeping the entire styling in one color, creating the basis for a total look - makes the figure look slim and prestigious at the same time. The Jolanta set with trousers is definitely a set that gives a lot of possibilities and is easy to style. Depending on the selected accessories and their character and color, the gray Jolanta set can be an ideal outfit for occasions with varying degrees of formality, ensuring a consistently impeccable look.
The elegant Jolanta pants set is made in Poland, from high-quality materials - a mixture of viscose refined with Lycra and chiffon - ensuring excellent air permeability and moisture removal.

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