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  • A modern turtleneck with a metallic sheen from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
  • Long sleeve silver blouse with a stand-up collar. De Marco online store
  • A women's formal blouse sewn in Poland with a loose cut with a metallic sheen. Party blouse, concert, meeting with friends, turtleneck. Made to measure De Marco
  • Original silver blouse with a mosaic scales effect. The most fashionable turtlenecks perfect for a party, a meeting with friends, a concert. Polish producer De Marco
  • Basic silver turtleneck blouse with long sleeves. Comfortable loose blouse with a silver-colored stand-up collar with a scale effect
  • The most fashionable silver casual outfits for a party, concert, meeting with friends. A turtleneck with a metallic sheen from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
  • An original basic turtleneck, made in Poland, with a relaxed, comfortable design. Silver blouse with a stand-up collar from the Polish producer De Marco
  • Impressive silver blouse with long sleeves in a casual style with a metallic sheen. Silver turtleneck for the party
A modern turtleneck with a metallic sheen from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
Jasmine Collection

Elegant blouse Violetta II

360.00 zł 560.00 zł

Comfortable, fashionable women's blouse with a silver turtleneck. Fashionable casual looks with a metallic sheen

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Elegant long-sleeved silver blouse, perfect for casual evening outfits. Violetta II is an extremely comfortable blouse with a free cut, distinguished by an elegant silver fabric with a mosaic scales effect, interspersed with a translucent fine mesh, which at the same time provides breathability and comfort. Classic turtleneck makes the blouse perfect as an element of exclusive styling for a meeting with friends, a concert or an exhibition - even on cooler evenings. You can easily combine it with, for example, simple, elegant trousers or the Menager III trouser jacket.

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