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  • Silk sash for styling formal suits amaranth. De Marco online store
  • Original accessories and styling accessories made of amaranth silk. De Marco online store
  • Magenta sash silk belt for formal styling. De Marco online store
  • Fashionable magenta accessories and additions to business stylizations from Polish designer Władysława Frączek. De Marco online store
  • Romantic silk sash belt for the creation of evening formal costumes suits. De Marco online store
  • Modern accessories and accessories made of amaranth silk. De Marco online store
Silk sash for styling formal suits amaranth. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Silk scarf

230.00 zł

Fashionable accessories and formal accessories for costumes, suits, cocktail dresses made of De Marco silk

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A luxurious, made of silk, addition to formal and occasional stylizations - suits, women's costumes, suits or De Marco dresses. The magenta sash is an accessory dedicated to our Eftalia business suit - thanks to which it will take on a completely new, exclusive character of a daily formal outfit - for parties, events, anniversaries, jubilees - taking place during the day.
The De Marco silk sash is a stylish accessory in an intense amaranth color. It is distinguished by delicacy and etherealness, as well as ease of use - just fasten it with a button of a suit for styling and manually shape it along the jacket. Thanks to the shoulder line emphasized in this way - the sash raises the prestige of the whole stylization, gives a more formal, stylish character, ensuring an effective look and at the same time a clearer marking of the upper parts of the body. Such a treatment will be especially helpful for women with wider hips, more massive thighs or buttocks - ensuring equal proportions of the figure. It was created thanks to the fastening of the sash - the vertical dividing line of the silhouette - which will effectively lengthen and slim it.
Formal costumes and tailor-made DE MARCO suits combined with accessories and accessories available in our online store and in-store at our Atelier De Marco - it's a great way to create a multifunctional, timeless wardrobe for fashionable, courageous Successful Women - regardless of age, type of beauty or figures. Smooth, classic sets combined with universal accessories - such as sashes, scarves, capes, headpieces, occasional gloves, belts and belts or fascinators, constitute an ideal fashion base for a capsule wardrobe of a woman who values style, class, and at the same time follows and skillfully applies the latest fashion trends.

We recommend fashionable, made-to-measure De Marco creations in the color of 2023 - magenta - including an exclusive women's costume of Zofia II or an elegant cocktail dress with long sleeves Eufrazja.

Due to the great interest in our offer, please contact us by e-mail: info@demarco.pl. This way, we will be able to provide you with comprehensive information on all our products.

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