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  • Elegant black mini skirt with pockets. Eco-leather. De Marco online store
  • Original mini skirt made of ecological leather, with pockets, sewn in Poland. Polish producer De Marco
  • The most fashionable black leather mini skirts with comfortable pockets. Fashionable eco-leather skirts from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Modern mini skirt with a fitted cut. Fitted leather skirts made of De Marco eco-leather
  • Fashionable black eco-leather skirts with a fancy pattern. Beautiful and elegant mini skirts with pockets. De Marco online store
  • Black mini skirt with pockets. Polish manufacturer of luxurious women's formal, business and evening clothing made of ecological leather. De Marco tailoring
  • An elegant skirt with pockets made of black eco-leather, sewn in Poland. Polish producer De Marco
  • Comfortable, fitted mini pencil skirt made of eco-leather. De Marco online store
  • Smooth mini skirt made of fancy eco-leather. Fashionable mini skirts in black. De Marco online store
  • Modern business black mini skirt with pockets. Eco-leather. Atelier De Marco online store
  • Elegant formal skirt made of ecological leather with comfortable pockets. De Marco online store
Elegant black mini skirt with pockets. Eco-leather. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Elegant Inga mini skirt

980.00 zł
660.00 zł 880.00 zł

Beautiful and comfortable fitted mini skirt. Fashionable mini skirts made of black eco-leather

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A black skirt made of ecological leather is the perfect opportunity to present yourself to the world in a completely new, temperamental version. Fashionable and extremely versatile, the De Marco mini skirt from the Inga line is a wardrobe element based on which you can create sensual formal styles for a meeting, date, exhibition or author's evening, business outfits with character emphasizing courage and uncompromising nature, as well as casual, sexy sets. - ensuring a spectacular appearance and unique comfort. The fitted black Inga skirt will delight both with a business shirt, an exclusive formal blouse, and a comfortable and warm sweater. The Inga leather skirt is a model designed for styles that will highlight the beauty of women's shapes and shapely legs. A perfectly fitted cut, thanks to the tailor-made option, will even out the body proportions, emphasizing the charm of the curves.
Made of high-quality eco-leather, this skirt exudes a unique look that not only highlights your individual style, but also cares about the environment and animals. Its short cut and carefully designed pockets not only add character but also provide a practical solution for everyday use. This mini skirt is perfect for a variety of situations. Perfect for evening outings, it looks equally good at social gatherings or in less formal circumstances. This is a garment that combines elegance with comfort, allowing freedom of movement. The pockets with which the skirt is equipped are not only a practical element but also a designer accent. They add a unique character to the skirt, emphasizing its originality and giving the whole thing a unique charm. Our elegant Inga mini skirt with pockets, made of eco-leather, will not only emphasize your individuality but also provide unrivaled style and comfort. Discover how wonderfully you can combine fashion with functionality.

For the most important events and celebrations, especially New Year's Eve and carnival parties, we recommend our beautiful Dalida II dress in noble green.

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