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Exclusive long black dress coat with slits. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Kendra II coat

4 180.00 zł

Luxurious long transitional coat perfect for evening wear. The most fashionable women's formal business coats from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
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A unique, stylish coat in maxi length dedicated as an outer garment for an evening outfit and as an alternative to a classic jacket or jacket. A minimalist form, with a beautifully emphasized waist and a deep neckline framed with a collar and lapels, referring to the charm and dignity of a woman's jacket. High side slits do not restrict movement, ensuring freedom. Kendra II is a transitional coat with pockets for greater functionality. Particularly noteworthy is the clearly emphasized shoulder line, thanks to the use of sewn-in pillows - thanks to which the coat evens out the proportions, bringing the figure closer to the ideal, especially in the case of silhouettes with fuller lower body parts. The Kendra II coat is sewn in Poland, also in the tailor-made option - from a viscose blend enriched with lycra, thanks to which it does not deform or crease, while ensuring high wearing comfort and breathability.
For the autumn and winter cold weather, we also recommend our long wool Kendra coat.

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