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Luxurious women's formal jackets made in Poland in shades of white and silver. De Marco tailoring
Jasmine Collection

White Fatima V jacket with silver thread

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Exclusive white jacquard jacket with silver accents. The most beautiful white formal jackets from the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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Sophisticated shine and subtle elegance enchanted in the fabric. A jacquard formal jacket is a piece of clothing that not only wraps the body, but also surrounds it with an aura of prestige and class. The jacquard pattern, intricately woven from delicate threads in shades of white and stately silver - always tempts and intrigues. It is an extraordinary combination of craftsmanship tradition and modern luxury, which emphasizes the uniqueness and uniqueness of each styling.

The seductive and intriguing Fatima V women's formal jacket is elegance in a modern version, created for unique women full of inner strength. De Marco jacquard jackets from the Fatima V line are a perfect proposition for various events and celebrations, both family, private and professional. It will look perfect with a dress, skirt or classic women's formal trousers - creating an impressive and elegant set.
Our white De Marco Fatima V jackets are a model sewn in Poland, from carefully selected fabrics. The high-quality jacquard fabric used, in addition to its excellent properties - breathability and moisture removal, also ensures a perfect, comfortable fit to the body. The appropriate density of white jacquard with silver accents makes the jacket perfectly maintain the given shape, beautifully rounding the figure, adding sensuality and dignity. Classic open lapels with clearly emphasized shoulders - build authority by referring to the elegance of a men's suit. At the same time, the Fatima V women's jacket is an example of a creation that delights with its delicacy and true feminine grace. The Fatima V jacquard jacket is distinguished by its careful tailoring and refined fastening line, topped with a delicate jewelry hook. Thanks to this, the figure is optically slimmer, and the entire silhouette approaches the ideal hourglass figure, invariably attracting delighted glances.
The combination of off-white and silver elements creating a jacquard pattern - makes the women's jacket look exclusive and stylish, captivating with its shine. The colors used make the Fatima V women's formal jacket model especially recommended for women with a cool color type. Shades of white and silver will beautifully illuminate your complexion and give your face a youthful look that will be impossible to ignore. Our luxurious white women's jacket with silver thread will be perfect as an outerwear during a jubilee, inauguration, anniversary, premiere or wedding. We especially recommend her to the elegant Wedding Mother.
For women with a warm beauty, we recommend the alternative Fatima IV jacket, made of jacquard in shades of cream white and royal gold.

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