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  • Luxurious jacquard flared dress sewn in Poland. Fashionable jacquard dresses for the jubilee wedding banquet gala. DE MARCO online store
  • The most fashionable formal dresses sewn by the favorite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland - Władysława Frączek DE MARCO
Exclusive bright formal dress in shades of gold jacquard. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Exclusive Ingrid II dresses

5 490.00 zł

Beautiful, elegant wedding dress from Polish designer Władysława Frączek

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A luxurious dress dedicated to the Ingrid II wedding is the quintessence of mature elegance and style. A flared dress with a box pleat was created for prestigious celebrations and events, both business and family. Ingrid II will be perfect not only for a wedding for the mother, mother-in-law or godmother, for communion, baptism, anniversary or jubilee. It is also a perfect creation for cultural or business events of great importance - awards or decorations, celebrations, galas, premieres or sumptuous parties.
Ingrid II is a cocktail dress that can also be used as an evening look. Beautiful, flared cut with a corrugation nicely masks the imperfections of the lower parts of the body, optically aligning the proportions. A wide, beautifully formed skirt will also work well for ladies with scantily marked curves. The adjustable belt effectively accentuates the waist and brings the shapes closer to the ideal of an hourglass. The top of the creation is a perfectly finished low stand-up collar in a horizontal line, emphasizing the shoulders and optically enlarging the bust. Low stand-up collar at the nape of the neck  - adds seriousness and dignity to the styling by "drawing out" the silhouette. The Ingrid II dress, kept in bright colors, beautifully emphasizes the complexion, illuminates it and gives the effect of rest and relaxation. The shape of the neckline favors women with a round or triangular face shape, giving it a bit of a strong expression.
The Ingrid II dress is a model sewn from high-quality jacquard knitwear with a beautiful pattern in shades of royal gold. Its use ensures convenience and comfort of wearing and at the same time beautiful work on the silhouette. The jacquard nicely maintains the shape set by the designer, thanks to which the Ingrid dress will be the favorite stylization of women who want to cover up, for example, more massive thighs or a rounder belly. The inner layer of the Ingrid II dress is a viscose lining to ensure comfort and, at the same time, proper airiness of the creation, even at higher temperatures.

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