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  • Beautiful, elegant ecru suit with a decorative shawl. The most fashionable stylizations for a civil wedding by De Marco. De Marco online store
  • A white ecru suit made in Poland, a formal women's suit dedicated to the bride 40+50+60+. De Marco online store
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  • A unique elegant women's formal set with a pencil skirt and a waisted jacket. Fashionable stylizations for a civil wedding 40+50+60+ from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
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  • Stylizations for a fashionable bride in shades of white. The most fashionable sets of women's costumes and wedding suits for 40-year-olds 50-year-olds 60-year-olds. De Marco online store
Beautiful, elegant ecru suit with a decorative shawl. The most fashionable stylizations for a civil wedding by De Marco. De Marco online store
The Christian IX Collection

Apolonia exclusive suits

4 499.00 zł

The most fashionable stylizations for the bride for a civil wedding. Luxurious glamor style ecru suit from the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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Luxurious, refined in the smallest detail, a two-piece business set for special occasions. The Apolonia suit is a beautiful, elegantly simple style in a subdued creamy white/ecru color. The Apolonia women's costume is a creation dedicated to the mature bride, 40-year-old, 50-year-old, and 60-year-old, for special moments of a civil wedding. Thanks to the refined line and subtle finish, the suit will also be perfect for important family celebrations, anniversaries, or official cultural events, especially outdoor ones.
The refined Apolonia formal set consists of a smooth, minimalist, fitted jacket in ecru color, slightly below the hip line. A simple, figure-hugging cut and a decorative belt in the color of the dress, finished with a jewelry button - beautifully emphasize the qualities of the female figure, emphasizing the indentation at the waist and bringing the figure closer to the ideal of an hourglass. A neat, round neckline emphasizes the line of the clavicle bone. At the same time, gently emphasizing the bust and shoulders - it is especially recommended for ladies with a more clearly marked bottom (hips, buttocks, thighs) and a smaller top - to equalize the proportions of the body. The effect of visually keeping the upper parts of the body is enhanced by a fancy scarf artistically gathered on the shoulder. Thanks to this treatment, the whole stylization gains seriousness, dignity, and a truly royal expression. The perfect complement is jewelry, gold buttons reminiscent of Gothic rosettes - with a beautiful motif of a stylized flower. The lower part of the luxurious white Apolonia formal dress is a figure-hugging pencil skirt. Thanks to the use of a uniform material - it beautifully emphasizes feminine curves, optically slims, and lengthens the figure. It is possible to adjust the length of the skirt of the Apolonia suit to the individual preferences and needs of the client.

The beautiful Apolonia formal suit is a refined and complete stylization, not requiring many accessories or treatments - all this to look stylish and extremely feminine. Using a material with outstanding properties - a selected viscose blend refined with lycra, ensures breathability, good moisture management, and high resistance to deformation and creases. The fabric beautifully "flows around" the silhouette, softly enveloping it. Perfect for public speeches, commemorative photos or on the dance floor. Class, chic, and elegant in a fashionable glamor style.

For lovers of sensual and classy designs - we also recommend, among others, our fabulous evening dress by Daniela decorated with an original flower arrangement.

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