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  • Classic simple chiffon maxi dress. The most beautiful outfits for summer 2024. De Marco online store
  • Luxurious summer formal wear in intense colors. A minimalist, tailor-made De Marco maxi dress
  • An airy De Marco formal dress made in Poland. The most fashionable formal maxi dresses in intense colors. De Marco online store
  • Red chiffon maxi dress from the Polish designer De Marco
  • The most fashionable chiffon dresses with a simple cut. Elegant, airy chiffon creations in maxi length. De Marco online store
  • Exclusive simple formal maxi dress made of raspberry red chiffon. De Marco online store
  • Fashionable chiffon formal dresses, perfect for weddings, communions, baptisms, jubilee harvest festivals. De Marco online store
  • A tailor-made classic chiffon maxi formal dress. De Marco online store
  • Elegant minimalist dress with a simple cut in raspberry red. The most beautiful airy summer formal dresses 2024
  • Romantic chiffon formal maxi dress by De Marco. Polish producer De Marco
  • A romantic, simple De Marco chiffon dress made in Poland. Polish producer De Marco
  • Red chiffon maxi dress. The most fashionable, airy chiffon maxi dresses from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Classic simple chiffon maxi dress. The most beautiful outfits for summer 2024. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Light, airy Amelia III dress

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990.00 zł

The most beautiful timeless chiffon maxi dresses for summer 2024

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A tempting, captivatingly simple proposition for warm summer days. Regardless of the occasion, it will attract attention with its raspberry red intensity and sensual, minimalist cut. The perfect Amelia III chiffon dress is a creation that will emphasize natural beauty and provide exceptional freedom.

Elegant maxi-length formal dress Amelia III is a beautiful summer proposition for De Marco by Polish designer Władysława Frączek. The airy outfit attracts attention with its simplicity of form and exceptional lightness, which will ensure comfort and convenience regardless of the circumstances - both at family celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or jubilee; as well as during cultural events and local celebrations - such as the Harvest Festival, City Days or summer outdoor concerts. Thanks to its timeless style, the Amelia III long party dress can be a successful base for an informal, casual outfit for a date, holiday trip or trip.

The airy summer dress Amelia III is a model of a simple maxi dress, with a flirtatious high slit on the sides and a round neckline. Made in Poland from airy chiffon fabric that moves beautifully - it works great at high temperatures, ensuring an extremely attractive look and comfort of use. Smooth raspberry red chiffon will allow you to stand out from the crowd, while combining nicely with other colors, giving you the opportunity to create various styles with different character. The Amelia III chiffon maxi dress can be successfully worn as a casual outfit without a belt or with a belt - to elevate the outfit and clearly highlight the slender waist. A belt in the color of the outfit provides a slimming effect, which, combined with the lightness of chiffon, gives the silhouette a delicate and girlish charm. The round neckline is especially recommended for women who want to soften their facial features, especially women with a square or triangular face shape. The Amelia III chiffon dress looks good with pumps, sandals and sports shoes - all depending on individual needs and the planned effect. Our chiffon maxi party dresses in intense colors are a perfect opportunity to complement your wardrobe with a perfect summer styling for many occasions.

For lovers of the lightness of chiffon, we also recommend luxurious asymmetrical blouses in sensual black, which will be perfect for a party on a yacht, a romantic dinner for two or a summer vernissage.

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