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Romantic formal dress with lace. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Elegant Luna IV dresses

3 390.00 zł
2 990.00 zł

Luxurious formal dresses with lace made in Poland. The most beautiful vanilla wedding outfits for the Wedding Mother

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This dress is a symbol of unique love, family warmth and extraordinary moments that remain in the heart forever. It combines the delicacy of vanilla color with intricately crafted lace details that delight and enchant. Created with the mother of the wedding and the mature bride in mind, it will quickly become a favorite outfit that will add a unique glow to every celebration.

The elegant Luna IV formal dress is a proposal full of subtle, refined beauty. A long, flared styling, created for a special day in the life of a woman and mother - which is a wedding and the reception of a beloved child. Luna IV is perfect for the most important events and celebrations, including those with a strictly defined dress code, ensuring a spectacular and classy look. Thanks to the bright colors and beautiful lace application on the neckline - the Luna IV formal dress will delight as an alternative to a traditional wedding dress, for a wedding at the Civil Registry Office, especially for mature women.Full of delicacy and refined down to the smallest detail, the styling based on the long Luna IV dress will be the right choice at a company party, awards gala, premiere, inauguration or anniversary celebration.

Elegant De Marco Luna IV formal dresses are creations with a fitted, flared design that beautifully highlights the figure. The basis of the outfit is a long, smooth dress with comfortable and extremely functional short 1/2-length sleeves. The elbow length is extremely versatile and suits a variety of styles and occasions, both formal and informal, from business meetings to family celebrations. This is an extremely elegant and comfortable solution, especially for women who value styles that discreetly cover the less firm skin around the arms.The fitted body of the dress perfectly slims the figure, sensually emphasizing the waist. The flared bottom masks any imperfections around the hips and thighs, giving the proportions a harmonious look.At the same time, the cut of the Luna IV formal dress looks impressive in motion - especially on the dance floor, waving gently with each step.
What distinguishes our exclusive dress dedicated to the Wedding Mother, Luna IV, is not only the elegant cut, but above all the subtle lace application decorating both the neckline and the back. This subtle decoration draws attention to the shoulder line and neckline, giving the dress a unique, romantic character.Thanks to the delightful lace, Luna IV formal dresses make the shoulder line seem more proportional and the silhouette harmonious and balanced. Combined with the emphasized waist and flared bottom of the dress, the lace finish optically brings the figure closer to the ideal hourglass silhouette, emphasizing feminine shapes and adding self-confidence.
Luxurious De Marco Luna IV formal dresses are made in Poland, from the highest quality selected materials. The use of a viscose mixture refined with Lycra guarantees perfect fit to the figure, freedom of movement and support for natural thermoregulation processes. The Luna IV maxi dress is a perfect proposition for those who appreciate subtle femininity and sophisticated style.

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