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  • A beautiful and elegant formal dress, perfect for a wedding for your mother. De Marco online store
  • Romantic maxi midi cocktail dress with luxurious lace. De Marco tailoring
  • A tailor-made flared cocktail dress dedicated to the Wedding Mother. Polish producer De Marco
  • Exclusive beige formal dress from the Polish manufacturer De Marco. Tailor-made tailoring De Marco online store
  • Original formal dresses for weddings, communions, weddings, anniversaries. Tailor-made for De Marco
  • Beige maxi midi formal dresses with elegant lace. Wedding dresses for Mom from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • Romantic flared formal dress with lace application. Tailor-made tailoring fitted by De Marco
  • A modern beige formal dress, perfect for weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations. De Marco online store
  • The most beautiful modern formal dresses from a Polish manufacturer. Luxurious dresses with lace for celebrations. De Marco online store
  • The most fashionable beige wedding formalwear styles. Fashionable beige cocktail dresses with lace. De Marco online store
  • Luxurious formal dresses made in Poland. The most beautiful beige wedding outfits for the wedding mother. Polish producer De Marco
  • How to dress for a wedding? What to wear to a wedding Mother of Weddings Mother of the Bride and Groom. De Marco online store
  • Stylish and elegant formal dresses perfect for the wedding mother. Luxurious beige outfits for communion. De Marco online store
  • Luxurious outfits made in Poland for celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays and inaugurations. Beige cocktail dresses with lace. De Marco online store
  • Lace elegance long dress in shades of beige. Long party dress with lace application. Polish producer De Marco
  • Solid plain party dress with lace top. Beautiful beige flared dresses perfect for the wedding mother. De Marco tailoring
A beautiful and elegant formal dress, perfect for a wedding for your mother. De Marco online store
The Royal Collection

Exclusive dresses for the mother of the wedding Luna III

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3 750.00 zł

The most beautiful beige wedding styles for Mom. Stylish formal dresses for weddings, First Communions, inaugurations. De Marco online store
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We believe that every woman deserves a moment when she can feel special. Our beige cocktail dress is a true manifestation of feminine delicacy and sophistication. Full of peace and harmony, it is a perfect combination of modern minimalism and romantic classics. The unique lace application gives the outfit a unique charm and subtlety.

Our stylish Luna III formal dress is a creation that owes its name to the magic of the Moon. The image of the moon evokes associations with beauty and delicacy, which also hides tempting secrets. This is what the exclusive De Marco Luna III maxi formal dress is like. Created for special moments in life - both professional and private. It will perfectly highlight women's beauty and charm at an anniversary, inauguration, business reception, as well as during family events - First Communion, baptism, anniversary or birthday. Particularly recommended for the Wedding Mother for special wedding moments and the reception of her Son or Daughter.

De Marco Luna III cocktail dresses are flared formal dresses made in Poland, designed from a smooth, uniform fabric in a delicate shade of beige. The wide bottom of the dress, perfectly fitting the figure, is perfect for virtually any type of figure, evening out the proportions. For women with larger lower body parts (thighs, hips), it allows them to be subtly concealed, while for smaller or "boyish" figures, it successfully adds appropriate curves. The perfect complement to the plain fabric of the main dress is a spectacular and extremely elegant top, distinguished by an intricate lace application on mesh, decorated with pearls. Luxurious lace with a floral motif decorates not only the neckline and shoulders, but also the back. The Luna III party dress uses short sleeves, which ensure comfort and freedom of movement, and at the same time discreetly conceal any imperfections in the arms. The beige wedding outfit dedicated to the mother of the bride and groom is fastened at the back with a delicate zipper in the color of the styling.
The fashionable occasional dress Luna III is made in Poland, in Atelier De Marco, according to the design of the well-known and respected Władysława Frączek. Carefully selected material - a viscose blend refined with Lycra ensures not only an impeccable appearance, perfect fit to the figure, but also supports natural thermoregulation processes. The airy, moisture-wicking fabric is also highly resistant to creasing and deformation. Luna III lace cocktail dresses are a perfect opportunity to impress with your appearance and at the same time feel confident and comfortable.

For lovers of formal sets and suits, we also recommend modern suits in colors inspired by nature - e.g. our luxurious Orchid set in Egyptian blue.

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