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Elegant yellow formal flower brooch pin. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Attachable flower - Adelaide pin

650.00 zł

The most beautiful hand-formed additions and accessories. Elegant flower pin in shades of yellow

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Just like a flower cup points towards the sun, an elegant business pin exudes energy, attracting attention and illuminating any styling. The delicate arrangement of the petals and the intricate finish symbolize the forces of nature and the consistency with which every woman strives to fulfill her dreams and hopes.

A beautiful decorative pin is not only an elegant, imaginative decoration, but also an excellent opportunity to subtly balance the proportions of the figure. The De Marco Adelaide detachable flower pin is a proposal that will delight both in combination with styling for family celebrations, parties, as well as official professional events and celebrations. A luxurious handmade pin with a floral motif will add elegance and an artistic character to both a formal dress, an elegant blouse, and a women's jacket or jacket.
The De Marco attached flower from the Adelaide line is a fashionable accessory that combines a modern, bold approach to fashion with the beauty of traditional brooches. The decorative floral Adelaide pin is made of high-quality viscose fabric, hand-formed with artistic passion and attention to the smallest details. The fresh, intense shade of yellow goes perfectly with other colors, both saturated and basic - such as white, beige or universal black. Yellow as an addition not only brings new energy to your styling, but also helps build the image of a brave, open and creative person.
Decorative attached brooches - pins with a De Marco floral motif are not only an exclusive and impressive addition to an occasion outfit, but also an excellent opportunity to discreetly change the proportions of your figure. Business pins are not only a decoration, but also a tool that can subtly correct the proportions of the figure, emphasizing its beauty and harmony. By strategically placing the brooch, you can focus attention on specific parts of the body, gently masking those that you want to show less. For example, placing a brooch on the shoulder can shift attention away from the hip area, balancing the proportions of the upper and lower body. A brooch on the chest can, in turn, draw attention to the neckline, correcting the proportions and adding a subtle glow. However, a brooch placed on the waist can emphasize this part of the body, giving the silhouette an elegant hourglass shape. In this way, by skillfully selecting and using brooches, we can effectively manipulate the proportions of the figure, adding self-confidence and emphasizing our unique beauty.
We recommend our beautiful attached flower - the Adelaide pin, especially for the dedicated Adelaide pantsuit or, for lovers of styling with a skirt - the Adelaide formal set. You can also order a luxurious, tailor-made women's suit from Adelaide via our De Marco online store.

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