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  • An exclusive black women's suit with shiny business trousers. De Marco online store
  • The most fashionable women's formal business suits in black. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Women's evening suit sewn in Poland with creased trousers. Tailor made by designer Władysława Frączek DE MARCO
  • Luxurious 2-piece women's evening pantsuit. Elegant women's jacket with trousers. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Women's black suit set perfect for an evening party, a business dinner. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Elegant women's black suit. Women's 2-piece formal trouser. DE MARCO online store
  • Modern sensual women's evening suit with shiny trousers. De Marco online store
  • The most fashionable black outfits with women's trousers for a formal evening. Polish manufacturer DE MARCO
  • Fashionable women's trouser suit with a formal jacket. An elegant women's suit for an evening party. Polish manufacturer DE MARCO
  • Women's 2-piece black suit sewn in Poland. Polish manufacturer of exclusive women's formal diplomatic business clothing. De Marco online store
  • The most fashionable black women's outfits with trousers and a jacket. De Marco online store
An exclusive black women's suit with shiny business trousers. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Zaklina women's black suit

3 390.00 zł

Fashionable black women's formal suit with glossy trousers from the Polish manufacturer De Marco

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An elegant, extremely sensual women's evening suit that delights with the simplicity of lines and metallic glow. Żaklina is a model of a pantsuit loosely referring to a classic men's suit. It will be perfect both as a formal outfit, for the inauguration, exhibition opening, premiere, and as an original evening outfit - complemented with accessories appropriate to the nature of the event, such as a black brooch with feathers attached to the lapel of the jacket.
The luxurious Żaklina women's suit is a proposal for women who value effective and stylish, and at the same time functional and comfortable outfits. A two-piece pantsuit is a combination of an outfit emphasizing competence and character and at the same time a sensual and very feminine proposal.
The "heart" of the Żaklin suit set is a beautiful, dignified jacket with wide lapels, a slightly rounded line, and an open type. Although the women's jacket of the Żaklina set also looks great with a formal blouse, it is dedicated to wearing alone - in the evening version, with a deep neckline that perfectly emphasizes feminine curves. A clearly marked shoulder line adds a firm, decisive character while ensuring proper body shaping and equalizing proportions, especially in the case of owners of a figure with more clearly marked lower parts - thighs or hips. A luxurious expression is additionally added by a double-breasted clasp finished with beautiful light-reflecting buttons. Noteworthy are also pocket flaps cut diagonally - perfectly emphasizing the line of the hips.
The stylish jacket is complemented by suit trousers with a high-waisted crease. The high finish at the waist ensures the optical lengthening of the legs, and at the same time it will be perfect, especially for women struggling with extra pounds around the stomach. The used, extremely comfortable knitwear intertwined to emphasize the effect - silver thread, adds shine and distinguishes it from other gathered. The gloss of the suit trousers makes the Żaklin pantsuit perfect for evenings, parties, banquets or a gala dinner.

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