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  • Mullein II flared jacquard dress
  • Exclusive jacquard dress for a wedding, communion wedding. Polish producer
  • A unique flared jacquard dress. Styling for a wedding, a wedding, family gala celebrations
  • Original jacquard wedding styling for mother and mother-in-law. Wedding 2022, Communion 2022
  • Fashionable dresses for the Wedding Mother. Women's outfits for a party, gala, banquet
  • Fashionable jacquard dress with 3/4 sleeves, flared. From the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
  • A tailored, flared, jacquard dress. Perfect for special events. From the favorite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland
  • Really elegant flared formal dress. High quality, produced in Poland
  • Jacquard styling for a communion wedding. Creation designer for Agata Kornhauser-Duda
  • Elegant dresses for a wedding for mom online store
Mullein II flared jacquard dress
The Christian IX Collection

Refined jacquard Dziewanna's II dress

2 720.00 zł

Refined jacquard Dziewanna's II dress

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The Dziewanna II dress made of a dazzling jacquard fabric is the perfect styling for prestigious family and special events. A modern, floral pattern on the fabric is achieved thanks to the interweaving of a smooth and shiny thread. As a result, the embossed pattern stands out from the smooth background, decorating the garment beautifully. The cut of the dress is well adapted to the weight and weave of the fabric. A fitted top with 3/4 sleeves emphasizes the bust and waist. In addition, the dress is cut at the waist and widened downwards, it reduces the hips and belly. The blouse part is regulated by two darts that continue to the hip line and turn into a box pleat. This causes the skirt of the dress to drape smoothly and gradually widen downwards. The dress is sewn on a thin viscose lining with an admixture of Lycra to increase the comfort of wearing. The fabrics used are selected so that the skin breathes freely. Fastened at the back with a covered zipper, a flared mid-calf dress is always a fashionable and comfortable styling that will not fail in situations requiring activity. This model is especially recommended for wedding moms, it will also look nice as styling for the godmother. It is worth getting acquainted with our tailor-made sewing offer, which ensures a perfect fit of the product, with the possibility of choosing a different jacquard fabric.

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