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Modern women's red cardigan set. Tailor made by De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Lorina women's set

3 200.00 zł
1 500.00 zł 2 800.00 zł

Fashionable women's two-piece formal set with a maxi skirt and a double-breasted jacket

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A beautiful, extremely versatile women's two-piece set in sensual red. Lorina is a luxurious proposal for a formal set, for Successful Women who value stylish, elegant creations that ensure comfort and functionality at the same time. Women's set with a Maxi Lorina skirt is a perfect styling for both professional and business events and occasions, as well as family or cultural celebrations. An exclusive skirt with a double-breasted jacket will be perfect for a wedding, First Communion, christening, romantic anniversary, jubilee, charity concert, premiere or business party.
The versatility of the Lorina women's formal set results from the thoughtful combination of two perfectly harmonizing elements in this styling - a classic, double-breasted jacket and a beautiful long flared maxi skirt. Both in this dedicated duo and separately, both the short jacket and the skirt - they look prestigious, dignified and extremely elegant. The fanciful base of the whole styling is a red double-breasted jacket with long, slightly fitted sleeves. Thanks to two rows of buttons covered with material in the color of the jacket, the cover works beautifully on the silhouette, dedicated especially to ladies with figures considered "boyish", without clearly marked curves. The use of a double-breasted fastening, combined with artistically cut, slightly slanted pocket flaps - perfectly shapes the figure, and accentuates the waist and feminine, sensual curves of the hips. The beautifully cut collar and lapels of the women's jacket also work for modeling the figure. Wide, open-type lapels allow you to nicely expose the neckline and clavicle bones while emphasizing the shoulder line - and thus bringing the figure closer to the ideal of an hourglass.
A perfect complement to the seriousness and elegance of the jacket of the Lorina women's set is certainly beautiful, flared long skirt. It looks dignified, and at the same time softens the professional image a bit, adding sensual femininity and a "note" of mystery.
The luxurious Lorina women's formal set is sewn in Poland from carefully selected materials - a viscose blend refined with lycra. Thanks to this, regardless of the weather conditions, Lorina looks stylish and impeccable, and at the same time provides comfort, breathability and comfort in contact with the skin.

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