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  • Elegant women's coats sewn in Poland for spring and autumn from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Fashionable women's formal coats. Elegant women's diplomat type coats. Tailor made by De Marco
An elegant women's coat sewn in Poland for spring and early autumn. Polish producer De Marco
The Royal Collection

Irmina exclusive long coat

4 980.00 zł

Fashionable and stylish long coat for women. Classic women's coats from a Polish manufacturer

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A beautiful, full of royal elegance, formal coat for a dress, dress, suit or formal costume. Irmina is a coat that can successfully be the "heart" of styling, as well as play the role of an exclusive complement. Perfect for a birthday, christening, jubilee, anniversary or wedding. Our luxurious jacquard coat is also a great proposition for various business or cultural events, especially in the open air - if of course it is in accordance with the accepted rules of the dress code.
The fashionable Irmina coat is a proposal for women who boldly draw on fashion trends, are not afraid to surprise and draw attention to themselves. The coat for the Irmina dress is a model that attracts attention primarily with the jacquard fabric with a beautiful pattern, in the color of subdued blue and royal white gold. The cut of the Irmina women's formal coat is inspired by the classic women's diplomat. The fitted cut and sidecut beautifully bring out the qualities of the female figure, emphasizing the curves and the tempting indentation at the waist. The length of the maxi coat makes the whole outfit look classy and dignified.
The Irmina spring/autumn coat is fastened with a covered button at the front of the creation. The refined neckline is also delightful - emphasizing the bust and chic elegance - thanks to the finish in the form of a stand-up collar, inspired by the lapels of a men's jacket, in the open type. Such a treatment optically slims the silhouette and lengthens the neck and improves the oval of the face, especially in the case of a square or round shape. Jacquard fabric is a material with a high degree of crease resistance, it does not deform, while ensuring breathability. The coat is finished internally with a viscose lining to ensure comfort and convenience and to support natural thermoregulation processes.

The exclusive Irmina long coat fits beautifully with the Ksenia mini dress, creating a fanciful jacquard total look. However, it can be successfully combined to introduce subdued elegance and break the jacquard that stimulates the senses - with a smooth formal dress, e.g. Hilarion's pencil dress.


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