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Sewn in Poland elegant skirt 3/4 shiny. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Flared retro skirt Maudia II

1 100.00 zł

Luxurious shimmery double layered cocktail skirt

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Maudia II is a unique, extremely impressive formal skirt, perfect as an element of cocktail styling, for family celebrations - weddings, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, communions. The Maudia II skirt is also a great choice for creating a business set, for a less afternoon professional meeting, party or banquet. Maudia II is a skirt made in a classic retro cut, 3/4 length. As a two-layer model, it looks beautiful on the figure, giving it lightness and etherealness. The use of a knitted fabric with a rare weave, interspersed with a shiny thread, makes the skirt give any styling a festive and extremely effective character. Maudia II is a flared skirt, which makes it perfectly mask figure imperfections, especially in the lower parts, e.g. more massive thighs. The luxurious Maudia II formal skirt will also look good on boys' silhouettes - without clear curves or with a marked broad shoulder line. A shiny, flared skirt will allow you to move the accents to the bottom of the figure, balancing the proportions, and a top, blouse or short waisted jacket, well matched to the Maudia II skirt - will ensure its proper modeling.

We also recommend a flared skirt with a gloss in a different color version, in a set with a Milona II formal jacket.

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