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  • Luxurious and stylish women's wool coat, short above the knee. Women's woolen coats and coats sewn in Poland
  • Elegant woolen short formal dress coat. Made to measure De Marco. Polish producer
  • Fashionable light gray short wool coat with a detachable fur collar. De Marco online store
  • Short, light gray business wool coat sewn in Poland. Tailored sewing. De Marco online store
  • Modern fashionable coat, ladies' business coat, gray. The most fashionable woolen formal coats with a detachable fur collar. De Marco online store
  • Classic gray coat, short business formal coat. Plain wool coats from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
  • Plain women's woolen light gray coat. Fashionable women's fur coats from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Exclusive woolen outerwear. Fashionable gray woolen short coats made in Poland, made to measure by De Marco
  • Short women's wool coat for the pants of the dress. Elegant wool outerwear from the renowned De Marco brand, sewn in Poland
  • Ladies' gray wool business coat. Elegant elegant coat for ladies. Made to measure De Marco
  • Luxurious fitted woolen business coat. The most fashionable women's short wool coats. Online store Sewing made to measure De Marco
Luxurious and stylish women's wool coat, short above the knee. Women's woolen coats and coats sewn in Poland
The Royal Collection

Fashionable wool coats by Ewa

6 500.00 zł

Elegant woolen gray business and formal coat with detachable fur. The most fashionable short wool coats from the Polish producer

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The Ewa wool coat is a classic of feminine elegance. A simple, fitted business and formal winter coat, made of the highest quality wool, provides extraordinary thermal comfort, supporting natural thermoregulatory processes. Ewa is a model of an elegant short coat with a classic light gray collar. The slightly flared cut and sophisticated waist emphasize the beauty of the female figure, and the knee-length length makes the Ewa wool coat a perfect outer garment for business costumes and suits, formal dresses, and sets with trousers. Ewa winter coat is fastened with jewelery buttons, and for greater functionality it is also equipped with side pockets. The faux fur in the color of the coat, attached to the collar, provides a pleasant wrap around the neck and face during extremely cool outings, while giving the garment an extremely elegant and dignified character - which will be especially suitable for evening styling.

We also recommend the extremely elegant Mabella short winter coat.

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