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  • Luxurious wedding fascinator for the bride. De Marco online store
  • Romantic fascinator headdress from Polish designer Władysława Frączek. Fashionable wedding fascinators. Polish producer De Marco
  • White wedding fascinator hair ornament from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • Fashionable wedding accessories and accessories from the designer. De Marco handmade wedding fascinator
  • Elegant fascinator headdress from the Polish manufacturer De Marco, perfect for the bride
  • White fascinator headdress for wedding styling. De Marco online store
  • Romantic wedding fascinator in white. Fashionable accessories and wedding accessories from the designer. De Marco online store
  • White head fascinator for the bride. Fashionable accessories for the wedding dress of the wedding suit from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Romantic exclusive white fascinator for the Bride for an elegant wedding styling
  • The most fashionable accessories and evening wedding accessories from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Luxurious wedding fascinator for the bride. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Fascinator FS 2

150.00 zł

Fashionable white wedding fascinator for the bride from Polish designer Władysława Frączek

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Romantic, very elegant wedding fascinator in shades of white has been designed as an exclusive complement to the wedding styling, dedicated to the Bride. Our fancy headdress / fascinator can successfully replace a traditional wedding veil or be an interesting decoration for creations based on a women's costume, suit or women's suit.
The white fascinator FS 2 is a model made of light as a "mist" mesh in the color of off-white, hand-formed in the shape of a flower arrangement. It looks perfect in combination with classic, subdued outfits, e.g. the exclusive, minimalist Izydora formal dress or the elegant Trini II suit. Headdress/hair Fs 2 is also a great idea for a unique and surprising gift for a loved one, especially the future wife, which, like a veil, can be symbolically passed on in the family from generation to generation - certainly arousing joy and emotion.
The fascinator is currently an extremely fashionable accessory, often chosen for official outings by celebrities or the British aristocracy - led by the Princess of Wales Catherine. Invariably, this hair ornament builds the image, raising the prestige and adding character. Usually, fascinators are worn on the front or side of the head. The more sophisticated and adorned the fascinator, the better it is to choose a calmer, classic hairstyle. Smooth buns, updos or well-groomed, simple, subtly arranged hairstyles will work well. When choosing a fascinator, it is worth focusing not only on the cut and color of the chosen creation, but also on the shape of the face itself, because it can perfectly serve not only to give the styling a prestigious and refined character, but also to improve the oval of the face - by properly exposing our strengths and subtly covering up any possible shortcomings.

For the Bride looking for a perfect outfit for a wedding and reception, I recommend our offer of wedding dresses, women's suits, or costumes designed by Władysława Frączek.

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